Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Master Vape Cloud-Chaser (+10 Best Cloud-Chasing Tricks)

“Game, set, and match. The adoring crowd bows down to you, lifts you on their shoulders, and carries you off in a victory lap.”

Now, if you were on any other page, you would think you’ve just won a football match, right? Or, at least, a darts tournament.

But, it’s neither of those things.

What you’ve just won… is a cloud-chasing competition for vapers!

Yes, as crazy as the scenario above sounds, vaping contests or “cloud-chase” contests are indeed a thing. And they are insanely popular among die-hard vapers. While the more casual vapers see vaping as an alternative to smoking only, a lot of them also see it as a subculture and a way of life. 

Now… do you want to be a casual vaper? Or a die-hard one?

If there’s competition in your heart, this guide to cloud-chasing is packed with all the information that you need. Dive into it and learn what cloud-chasing is, what equipment you need for it, and how to do some awesome cloud-chasing tricks.

Let’s dig in.

What IS Cloud-Chasing?
Cloud-chasing (also known as “extreme vaping” and “stunt vaping”) is vaping on specifically set-up gear which allows you to produce enormous clouds of vapor .

Nobody knows where or when the cloud-chasing trend emerged,  Our best guess, for now, is that we owe the west coast of California a debt of gratitude there.

Competitive and imaginative vapers have always tried out different methods of producing enormous vapor clouds. The most important thing behind cloud-chasing is that you use tanks with low resistance coils, (also known as Sub-Ohm tanks) since they are fired at high wattages, and to keep their airflow wide-open in order to produce a large amount of vapor. 

Wait, Cloud-Chasing is an ACTUAL Sport?

Just like football, rugby, tennis, and beer pong, cloud-chasing is a competitive sport with contests taking place all over the US.

So, yes, cloud-Chasing is as cut-throat and competitive as any other sport. 

Hardcore vapers compete with each other in cloud-chasing, and perform all sorts of impressive tricks. These competitions are organized across the globeThere are multiple vaping competitions in the US, one of the most notable being the VC Cloud Chasing Championship.

In cloud-chasing contests, the rules are simple: Whoever produces the largest cloud wins! 
A scale is placed behind the contestants which is used to determine the length and width of the cloud. In some cases, contestants are standing facing away from each other back to back and the contestant with the smaller cloud gets eliminated. 

The top prize for these contests includes endorsement deals, free custom gear, sponsorships, and thousands of dollars in cash! These contests are judged by multiple international judges. The devices used need to be single battery mods, the lowest resistance on the coils allowed is 0.1 Ohm, and they are all measured individually on an Ohmmeter.

In order to keep things fair, a maximum wattage limit is determined. 

The coils and the vape juices used in the competition are provided by the sponsoring brands. 

Some of the recent competitions include:
·The Vape Olympics
·The Canadian Cloud Circuit
·The World Series of Cloud Chasing
·The League of Clouds
·VapeShow Prague

How to Become a Master Cloud-Chaser
To become a master cloud-chaser, you need to think about three things:

·your vape equipment;
·the vape juice that you use, and;
·the tricks you master.

Let’s tackle these in order.

Vape Equipment for Cloud-Chasing
Atomizer – Experienced cloud chasers have always preferred RDAs, but with the rise in popularity and improvement of their performance, Sub-Ohm tanks are welcome as well. An RDA however will produce the biggest amount of vapor.

Mod – When it comes to the mod type, extreme cloud chase veterans have always preferred mech mods. They are basically an encasement for the battery without any wattage regulation possible. Newer regulated mods however have started to catch up with mech mods in terms of power. 

Coil Build – While most casual vapers use pre-made store-bought coils, the world of extreme cloud chasing leans more towards coils which you build yourself. Several types of builds can be made, and the lower the resistance is of the wire you chose for your coils, the more vapor will your device produce!

Wicking – It is important that you wick your cotton properly in order for the air and the e juice to flow nicely. 

Batteries – If using mech mods, make sure that you are familiar with your battery’s output voltage and that it is compatible with the resistance of your coil! 

Vape Juice for Cloud-Chasing
The general rule for vape juices is that the ones with a higher percentage of PG (Propylene Glycol) will produce a stronger throat hit, while juices with a higher percentage of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) will produce heftier amounts of vapor. 

For bigger clouds, it is best that you use a juice with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.  

When it comes to the nicotine level, it is much safer to use juices with a lower nicotine percentage (0.3%) to prevent eventual dizziness or nicotine poisoning. In most cases, cloud-chasing contestants opt for no-nic vape juice. 

Cloud-Chasing Tricks
Аpart from just blowing out huge clouds, there are many more tricks to play around with. O-rings, Jellyfishes, Tornadoes, double-exhales, and many more stunts can be found in a pro vaper’s arsenal.

In the trick contests, contestants are given a limited amount of time to perform various tricks that are judged by both the judges and the audience in terms of their quality. When it comes to hardware restrictions, the policies are much less strict than in cloud-chasing tournaments since you can choose any combination of atomizers and vape juice which works for you best. 

Quality over quantity is an important factor here since fewer more impressive tricks will get you a much higher score than a handful of ones that are less impressive. 

10 Best Cloud-Chasing Tricks (& How To Pull Them Off)

Want to be a master cloud-chaser?

Here are 10 vape tricks that you need to have in the bag. They were designed to impress both judges and spectators, so make sure to get them right.

The Big Os
This is a fairly basic and common trick that is a must-learn for any aspiring vape trick enthusiast! To nail this one, you need to take a strong drag from your device and hold the vapor in. 

Purse your lips into an “O” shape and proceed to blow out the vapor by making slight “half-coughs” if you will with your throat. It is also doable by pushing the vapor out with your tongue, but all pros agree that the semi-cough method is much more effective.

The Dragon

As scary and mystical as this trick sounds, it is actually not that hard to pull off. The gist is to blow the vapor from your nostrils as well as from the sides of your mouth like an enraged beast. Make sure that your lower and upper lips are slightly touching while exhaling in order to push the vapor to the sides correctly. 

The Tornado
This trick is also insanely popular among the vapers of the internet and party tricksters.
In order to pull this off you will need a flat surface (best make it a table if possible). 
Take a nice drag on your device and slowly exhale it onto the surface. Alternatively, you can also blow the vapor into a glass and then slowly pour it down. 

If done correctly, a smooth ghostly pool of vapor will spread all over the table. Be careful not to blow it away, for in order for the trick to work properly, the vapor needs to be as still as a swamp. The next step is to place your palm perpendicularly in regards to the table on to the edge of the pool, and do a swift upwards sweeping motion with your hand. Now, you will create a spinning whirlpool of vapor which gradually turns into a tornado-like formation.

How’s that for a tornado?

The Ghost Inhale
The ghost inhale is a simple yet quite interesting trick to pull off. Many vapers who have mastered it find themselves doing it automatically from time to time when taking a drag.Take a nice and long drag of vapor and hold it in your mouth without exhaling. Let the vapor pour from your mouth slowly, and just as a tiny amount has slithered out, you rapidly suck it back in. A simple trick which is pretty useful to learn because a number of more complicated ones utilize the same technique. 

The French Inhale
Also known as “The Irish Waterfall”, this trick has been a cult classic for ages among smokers and vapers alike. 

Similarly to the Ghost Inhale, after taking a drag, let a tiny amount of vapor out of your mouth and then inhale it through your nose. In order to make it look more sexy and nonchalant, this trick is best done completely out of the blue without any announcing while casually chilling out with a group of people.



Once you have successfully mastered puffing out perfect O rings, it is time to step it up a notch. After blowing out an O ring, quickly tap it on the rim with your fingers to transform it into a triangle. It is important to develop the right feel in your hand when you tap, as well as finding the perfect timing. 

Play around with it, and you will get there!

The Jellyfish 
This trick is a signature move of the Vape God himself, Austin Lawrence. In order to make this foggy sea critter wiggle, you need to blow out an O ring and give it a slight push with your hand. After that, you slowly exhale a second beam of vapor into the center of the O ring, and the vapor will twirl around the ring’s edges giving it a jellyfish look. 

The Lasso
Similar to the Jellyfish, this trick also involves the vapor twirling around an O ring. 
In order to create the illusion of a lasso, you need to blow a nice big ring and expand it with your hands. Blow a second ring through it, and watch them vapor tongues twirl! Yeehaw! 

The Bull Ring
Here’s the beef!  Unleash your inner raging bull by inhaling an O ring through your nose to get a steamy bull nose piercing! Best practiced in front of a mirror.

The Bane Inhale

“You think darkness is your ally?”
In order to make your exhaling look like Bane’s mask, you need to touch your lower teeth to your upper lip after taking a nice long drag. 

Much like with the French Inhale, you need to let out the vapor flow through your mouth and inhale it through your nose. There are a couple of ways to position your jaw in order for this to work, so feel free to play around and discover which way works best for you.

What Are the Dangers of Cloud-Chasing when Vaping?
Cloud-chasing is not all fun and games. There are potential cloud-chasing dangers that you have to be aware of if you choose to engage.

·Battery venting hazard- be mindful of your battery’s heat while chain vaping and/or cloud chasing. If you are using an unregulated (mech) mod, take into account the output power of our battery and take a break every once in a while in order to keep it from overheating!

·Nicotine Hazard – it is wise to choose a low nicotine vape juice for cloud chasing. Dizziness and feeling woozy are two of the most common nicotine poisoning symptoms. If you feel any of those while cloud chasing, it’s best to take it down a notch for some time.

·Wallet Hazard – mech mods, RDAs. different coil wires, and cotton are a strong startup investment. Make sure that your budget can handle all these accessories before deciding to acquire it all at once. Plan out your budget carefully, for almost every vaper can agree that once you fall down the rabbit hole of gear hunting, there is no going back! 

Ready to Become a Master Cloud-Chaser?
Aaaand, that’s a wrap! 

Cloud chasing is a cult trend in the vaping community. While the more casual vapers are happy with blowing huge clouds only in the comforts of their homes, some like to take their sweet skills and show them to the world!

Will you be one of those few who master the art of cloud-chasing? Or is that too much for you?