Why Does a Vape Pen Get Hot?
Heat is a key aspect of vaping. It turns your substance into vapor, and therefore, your device will create heat. However, when you are new to vaping, it can be harder to determine what is normal heat and what is not. Are there certain places that get hotter than others? How hot is too hot? And is there a way to cool my device down if it does get hot?

Where is the Heat on the Vaporizer
If your device is hot, the first thing you should do is determine where it is hot, and where the heat is coming from. In most cases, the heat will come from either the mouthpiece, vape tank or chamber (where the coil connects) or from the battery. However, you need to keep in mind that heat doesn’t stay in one place. Heat can radiate from one location to another. Due to this, it may not always be easy to determine where the exact location is that the heat is coming from.

How Hot Is Too Hot?
Once you determine where your device is hot, you need to think about how hot the device is getting. For example, heat will come from the coil. The coil is designed to get hot.

Nonetheless, there is a difference between the heat it should produce, and when your device is getting too hot. For example, while different spots of your device can get hot to the touch, it should not be to the point that you cannot even touch the spot briefly. When it is to the point you cannot touch it, this is generally a sign there is a more serious issue going on.

What Are the Most Common Reason Vape Pens Get Hot?
Vape pens can get hot for a variety of reasons, and in most cases, it is typically due to normal instances. However, this does not mean it cannot overheat. In most cases, the most common reasons vape pens get hot are due to one of four things - the battery, chain vaping, the coil, or the mouthpiece.

Vape Mouthpiece
When it comes to a vape getting hot, the number one issue related to heat and vaping devices is the mouthpiece getting hot. In fact, it can get so hot, it can somewhat burn your lips. This is why many vape kits and retail shops offer some sort of rubber mouthpiece extension sleeve. While hot mouthpieces are common in any vaping device, it tends to be more prevalent with dry herb vape devices. Think of it this way. In a sense, dry herb vaporizers are hand-held convection ovens. They have ceramic walls, they heat up to over 400 degrees, and keep those temperatures for long periods of time. When you vape (especially if you have long vape sessions), this heat will transfer up your device and to the mouthpiece, making it go from warm to hot. How quickly this will happen ultimately depends on a variety of variables. These can include how close your heating chamber is to your mouthpiece, how long of a vape session you have, air temperature, and more.

Vape Battery
When your vaporizer gets hot, the majority of the time it will not be due to your battery (and it is even rarer for it to be a serious issue with your battery). However, if you notice the heat is coming from outside of the device (especially if you have a box mod), it most likely means the internal parts of your battery are getting hot. While what is deemed too hot can be highly subjective, a good rule of thumb is if you take your batteries out and they are warm, it is normal. But if you take your batteries out and they are hot to the point you cannot keep holding onto them, then the battery is having an issue.

When you remove your battery, always make sure to place it on a non-flammable surface. If you hear hissing sounds or see any type of bulging to the casing of the battery, these are potential signs of your battery having serious overheating issues. Keep in mind, just because the batteries do not his or bulge, it does not mean you are in the clear. You still need to be cautious, as you can use your battery close to its limit (or even above its limit) without it hitting this point. If your battery is hot, make sure to replace it and let it cool down gradually.

Chain Vaping
One of the more common issues for a vape getting hot is chain vaping. The coil to your device gets hot as part of the vaping process. However, if you vape continuously for long periods of time, this can cause your coil to overheat your tank. Due to this, the exterior of the tank will also get hot. Although the heat will typically stay located near your coil, it can also radiate to the body of the device, making it hot to the touch

Vape Coils
Another typical issue to cause your vape to get hot is the type of coil you use. Think of it this way, the more complicated your coil is, the more heat it will typically generate. This is especially true for those who vape with a higher wattage and or temperature.

The type of coil is not the only reason your coil can make your device hot. The coil comes into contact with your substance to help turn it into vapor. Due to this, residue from your substance can build up around the coil. When this happens, the coil will still get hot, but it can clog your device preventing it from effectively creating the vapor you are trying to create. The heat and temperature still increase, but it does not work in the same manner, making your device overheat and your vapor to have a more burnt taste to it.

How Do You Cool Your Device Down?
In the event your device does get hot, cooling it down is one of the easiest solutions you can fix. This is because it is not a problem at all. All you have to do in order to cool down your device is to stop vaping. You do not have to be tech-savvy to do this, it is just simple mechanics. All you have to do is leave your device alone. Simply wait for around ten to twenty minutes, and your device will automatically cool down. Think of it this way, if the vape coil or battery is not being powered up, then your device will cool down rather quickly.