Getting The Nasty Burnt Taste Out of Your Atomizer

Atomizer Fixes
Does your atty taste like burnt plastic after a couple weeks of usage? Yeah, so does mine. It’s gross. Especially so when I’m using low resistance atomizers, since they tend to burn hotter.
Here is a surefire way to get rid of that nasty taste and bring your atty back to life.

UPDATE: First thing you want to try is cleaning them thoroughly. If that doesn’t help, then follow this guide. If you need help with cleaning take a look at this post.

First of all, what causes that taste?
Certain atomizers are manufactured with a wick that helps draw the juice from the cartridge to the heating element.

While this makes for a very effective means of accomplishing the juice transfer, these wicks can get burnt if they get moved too close to the heating element after some normal usage.

That flavor you’re tasting is burnt wick. Some sites will tell you that it’s old e juice that needs to be cleaned off, or that it’s just how attys taste when they’re reaching the end of their lifespan. Not true.

After you remove that burnt wick from the atty, you will have many many moons of pure vaping bliss without the gross burnt plastic flavor.

Ok, so my wick is burnt to a crisp. How do I remove it?
Easy! Just follow the step by step guide below to get that thing resurrected and back in action. All you’ll need to accomplish your goal is a pair of tweezers and about 5 minutes of time.

1.First of all, unscrew that atty from the battery. C’mon man… Use your head.
2.Make sure you have a good source of overhead light so you can see what you’re doing here.
3.Look inside the atty and you’ll see what looks like a piece of string going underneath the steel-wool looking thing (called the bridge). That’s what we’re going to be removing.
4.Take your tweezers and hook the looped side of the wick, gently pulling it out from under the atomizer. You’ll notice it is attached on one side down below and is basically a bunch of threads.
5.Since you pulled them out from under the atty, all you need to do is grab them with your tweezers and pull them out from the atty. Don’t yank too hard, as you don’t want to damage anything, but you may have to use a bit of muscle to get the job done. The threads aren’t actually attached on the other end, they’re melted to the heating element. If you’re lucky this won’t be too tough.
6.Make sure you got ALL the little pieces of string out of there.
7.Give the atty a good rinse under warm water and dry it out. This can be accomplished by letting it sit overnight upside down, using a hair dryer, or setting your oven to 150 to 200 degrees, leaving the door open and letting it sit in there for a bit.

That’s it! Super easy huh?

Now that you have a freshly de-wicked atty, you shouldn’t have any more of that burnt flavor ever again. Now, you may see a slight decrease in the amount of vapor production (the various e-cig models respond better or worse to this), but give this a shot since you have nothing to lose.

If worse comes to worse, you can always use the de-wicked atty to drip if you want more vapor out of it. Also, having less vapor is better than having an atty that you throw away because of the horrible flavor it was producing. Am I right?