How Long Do E-Cig Batteries Last?

I remember choosing my first e-cig off of the general idea of vapor production. I wanted something that made clouds of vapor… and everything claims to do just that.One thing that isn’t quite as easy to find out is an idea of how long each model’s battery life between charges actually lasted.

You can read review after review and see people claiming totally different time spans for how long their e-cig would last between charges.

This post is an effort to give people a ballpark idea of how long some of the popular (Non-mod) e-cigs will last between charges.

Does Battery Life Matter?

Of course!

The battery life is the most important thing to me personally.

More Battery life = More Freedom.

You don’t want to have to worry if you are going to run out of battery while you are away from your charger.

Once that happens you start behaving pretty weird…

You start cancelling nights out with friends because the dinner+movie+drinks will outlast your battery, and you will eventually succumb to bumming cigarettes off someone.

You don’t want that! It is very important you know how much time you have with your e-cig.

Another aspect

Typically the batteries in e-cigs have a lifespan of around 300 charges give or take (seems like less by the way). If you have an e-cig that you only need to charge 1 time a day, then it will last you around 300 days. That’s a long time.

When I started out I had the V2 Vapor kit.. I went through the batteries multiple times a day and they died within 2 months. This meant that I really needed something with more battery life.

I have never purchased an e-cig before, how do I know how long any will last me?

In short, you don’t. But, luckily we do have general averages.

In this little experiment I am going off a general average of a vape pen e-cig. Batteries vary but for this example the batteries are rated at 650 milliampere-hours (mAh). You could easily do this for a 2200 mAh box mod as well.

You can think of mAh as the capacity of electricity that a battery can hold.

(For those of you who don’t care about the details, skip ahead!)

After scouring the forums it looks like 1 eGo battery @ 650mAh generally lasts someone about 6 hours.

The math (nothing fancy)

If you take 6 hours (The average battery lifespan of the eGo between charges) and convert it to minutes you have 360 minutes.

Divide 360 minutes by 650 (The mAh of the eGo) you get .55mAh per minute.

This would mean someone who goes through an eGo battery in 6 hours is using an average of .55 mAh per minute.

Once you know how many mAh you are using, you can apply it to any battery and figure out how long it should last you.

*Note- For all of you die hard tech guys, I know, atomizer resistance and other issues change this, but like I stated, this is a ballpark idea for people.

Pretty interesting stuff. I wish I would have seen something like this when I was first looking around. Just seeing all the models mAh in one place is helpful.

Hopefully this information will be useful to both first time buyers and current e-cig users looking to make another purchase.