What Vape Pen Style Is Right for Me? Your Guide to Choosing a Vape Pen

Vaping is huge, especially among young people. If you want to start vaping, the one key piece of equipment that you need is a vape pen. Yet if you walk into a vape shop, you’re bombarded with jargon and a multitude of choices.

Despite the complicated jargon, choosing the best vape pen for your needs doesn’t need to be hard.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the different types of vape pens and help you make the right choice. Are you ready to learn more? Then read on and get ready to blow clouds!

1. Cigalikes
The most basic kind of vape is the cigalike. You’ve definitely seen these for sale in gas stations and grocery stores. 

These vapes look like cigarettes and come pre-filled with vape juice. While they’re okay for absolute beginners who want to see whether vaping works for them, they’re terrible for making the switch permanently.

They come with limited flavours and only last a few days, if that. We’d recommend that you only try a cigalike if you’re curious to see how vaping feels.

2. Vape Pens
The true vape pen is a distinct style that features a sealed battery pack, topped with an atomizer. These kinds of vape pens are great for people who want to start vaping seriously.

What sets them apart from cigalikes is that they offer a tremendous increase in value, as you can refill the atomizer with any kind of juice and any flavour that you like.

They’re not much more expensive, either. A good vape pen will only set you back for around $40 for a full kit.

3. Pod Systems
The pod system is a variation on the vape pen. It usually comes with an integrated battery, but some will require an 18650 battery. Atop the battery, there’s a small pod which is a compact atomizer.

You can usually refill the pods but on some systems, you do need to buy a whole new pod each time one runs out.

These pod systems are usually low-wattage, so are good for beginners, but you can also buy more powerful pod systems if you’d prefer. The big advantage that these systems have is their compact size: pod systems like the Juul are very pocket-friendly.

4. Box Mods
If you love vaping and want to start blowing serious clouds, you should look into a box mod. These are the bulky, boxy vapes that you may have seen vapers on Youtube using. 

They often require one or two 18650 batteries as a power source and can generate huge amounts of power. 

There’s a sub-category of box mods, called mech mods, which are unregulated, meaning that they lack the safety features of mainstream box mods. You should only use a mech mod if you know what you’re doing, as they can pose safety hazards for inexperienced users.

What’s the Best Vape for New Users?
If you’re looking for a great vape, and you’re a new user, we’d recommend that you get a vape pen or a pod system. Both of these offer great versatility and a good amount of power, making them perfect for someone who wants to switch to vaping.