How to Buy a Vape: The Basics Explained

Just over 8 million Americans use vape pens. If you’re considering joining the movement, you’re not alone. 

But, there are a lot of options. 

Here’s how to buy a vape. 

How To Buy a Vape: Budget
Before you even start shopping it’s important to set a budget. There is a wide range of vape options when it comes to price. Inexpensive pens can cost around $10 and luxury models can be over $200. 

Expect to spend $30 – $40 on a decent pen. But this is a very general range. The price you’ll pay will largely depend on the other features explained below. 

What Are You Smoking?
Different types of vapes are better or worse for using different materials. For example, some vapes are better for dry material while others are better for liquid concentrates or oils. Vapes marketed to have “convection” or “conduction heating” are better for dry material. 

How It Heats
Once you know what you’ll be smoking, understanding how the pen works will help you narrow down your choices. Do you understand how vape pens work? Vapes work by either convection, conduction, or induction. 

Convention heating means that the material does not come into direct contact with the heating element. This ensures you won’t waste any material. But, these types of pens can take longer to hit and are more expensive. 

Conduction is when the material is heated directly by the source. This makes it easy to make hits fast, but you can waste a lot of material. 

The last heating method, induction, uses magnetic fields. It’s not as common but is an emerging trend in the vape industry. This is a very “luxury” feature at the moment. 

How It’s Powered
When you’re buying a vape, usually having a battery that will last multiple days without needing to be charged means getting a bigger pen. If you want something small you’ll also need to charge it frequently. Lithium-on batteries are pretty standard in all vape pens. 

How It Works
The functionality of vapes can go from simple to gadgety. Do you want to be able to inhale and be done? Or are you OK with gadgets and having to “figure out” a pen? 

Some pens have extras like temperature control, programmable modifications, and other capabilities. You can also opt for vape options like vape kits to get your feet wet. These extras can increase the price but can be fun to play with. 

Architecture and Design
Design goes beyond aesthetics and marketing. You’ll also want to consider what materials the pen is made of. Carbon fiber and stainless steel are some of the most durable and high-quality materials you’ll find. 

Cheaper pens are made from glass, ceramic, and plastic. Some of these are OK to use. But you’re better off going with more high-quality material. Silicon, Teflon, and materials with a low melting point are dangerous. 

Buying the Best Vape Pen 
When it comes to how to buy a vape, choosing the “best” option comes down to personal preference. But the choices don’t just stop there. There’s a whole world of flavors, potencies, and styles.