Does All eJuice Contain Nicotine? Your Ultimate Guide

Did you know that some e-cigarettes contain the same level of nicotine as normal cigarettes?

One of the most challenging issues for people new to e-vaping is how much nicotine they can get from their juice. Also, whether this would be a viable alternative to smoking.

It is a successful nicotine replacement treatment. Vaping is common with smokers looking to quit and ex-smokers. However, are you wondering if all ejuice contains nicotine?

Check out this guide to learn if all eJuice contains nicotine or if you can enjoy the smoke without nicotine.

What Is the Optimal Nicotine Strength?
When selecting a new e-liquid or your first ejuice, it is crucial to understand how much nicotine you are already accustomed to. That, of course, would be determined by how much you smoke daily. 

On the other hand, vaping can deliver nicotine in a slightly different manner than smoking. If the ejuice isn’t quite right, switching to a stronger or weaker strength can make a huge difference.

Everyone’s body responds differently to nicotine in a vape. Therefore, it’s not a certainty that high-nicotine ejuices deliver the same effect even though you’ve been a heavy smoker in the past.

Many vapers find that it takes some trial and error to find the best e-liquid for them with the right flavours and nicotine potency. Depending on the reason, whether choosing a healthier smoking habit or to help you quit smoking, you can now start vaping in earnest!

Nicotine-Free eJuice
There are many ejuice flavours without nicotine available on the market. Ex-smokers who love smoking will find ejuice that does not contain nicotine. There are also those who, for health reasons, want to remove nicotine from their vape.

There are also liquid ejuice-free fills that help you to customize your nicotine intake level if you so wish. Shortfill e-liquids are those that are packed to less than their maximum capacity. Shortfills are used for a variety of purposes.

1.As an ejuice without nicotine available in a variety of juice flavour 
2.For vapers who don’t want nicotine in their vape, shortfills are a perfect option
3.They also come in larger bottles than standard e-liquids, usually of around 50ml, compared to 10ml ejuice bottles
Nicotine shots, or nic-shots as they’re often called, are also available for use in shortfill e-liquids. These are small quantities of concentrated nicotine. These shots can be combined with a nicotine-free shortfill solution which allows you to measure your nicotine strength.

Keep Calm – It’s eJuice Without Nicotine!
The choice to pick your own nicotine power is one of the strongest features of vapes. That also includes a nicotine-free alternative! Many vapers begin vaping to wean themselves off nicotine until they hit nil gradually.

Even after quitting cigarettes, some people prefer to vape without nicotine.

So, if you can get over the notion that vaping must always include nicotine, you’ll have more ejuice choices to try. Use your best judgement when making your selections! Avoid trendy items that promise miracle treatments or health benefits that aren’t true.