Here we are with another head to head challenge between the Vaporesso Revenger and the SMOK Alien. Both of these devices have been highly successful in their own right, and any vaper should be proud to have either of these monsters in their vaping collection. But if push comes to shove, which one would we really choose?

Vaporesso Revenger or SMOK Alien?

If you’re wondering which leading vape mod to buy, allow us to help you make up your mind between the Revenger and the Alien. Continue reading to see what separates these two mods.

Vaporesso’s Revenger

To arrive at our decision, we scoured the web for Vaporesso Revenger reviews and specs. We learned that it is a highly capable device, able to hit the advertised 220W rating comfortably, but where it really excels is in the many specialized output modes, including Bypass mode. In addition, the Vaporesso Revenger kit comes with a highly durable IML case that gives it a sturdy finish which feels great in the hand. The real kicker is the amount of work that Vaporesso put into the charging systems for this device, extending the battery life drastically and making it far more dependable than other high powered vapes.

SMOK’s Alien

From the outset, the SMOK Alien kit really had an advantage thanks to the highly respected SMOK name. This device is beautiful to look at, but it also comes with a large screen, which is easy to read. It is best known for its performance when paired with SMOK’s TFV8 coils. Nevertheless, the Alien really does come with a long history of dependability and performance that can be trusted.

Who Wins the Battle Between Revenger vs Alien?
The choice between these two excellent devices is really a personal one. From a practical standpoint, the Vaporesso Revenger kit is a bit more versatile, has more features, and adds some advanced safety functions. If you’re looking for a way to break out of plain old TC functions and try something really edgy, the Revenger takes the cake. However, it is worth noting that the SMOK Alien is a bit more affordable, and comes with the full weight of the SMOK brand behind it. If you’re super concerned with the badge and the finish, SMOK does have a worthy device.

Where to Buy SMOK and Vaporesso Products
If you’re ready to take the next step and pit these devices head to head in your own challenge, we invite you to visit online shop and shop for your new starter kit. Whatever choice fits your style, you are sure to be impressed by both the Vaporesso and the SMOK offerings, and you’ll likely discover a whole new kind of vaping with these two.