Tips for Vape Tanks: How to clean a vape tank

As the vaping world evolves, so does its gear. Many vapers are now using more advanced vaping devices that come with clear reusable tank systems, rather than disposable cartridges that are thrown away after use. The majority of these vape tanks have to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure a quality vaping experience as well as prolong the lifespan of your vaping device. That’s why we are taking a look at how to clean your vape tank in this post.

When and why you should clean your vape tanks

It is advised that you make a habit of thoroughly cleaning your vape about once a week. This is the part that a frighteningly large amount of people don’t even know about. The straightforward cleaning and maintenance on your e-cig have a huge effect on the longevity and overall quality of your vape. Let’s examine this further...

Your tank experiences a lot of internal environmental changes such as humidity and temperature. This can eventually result in the older e-juice to thicken and cause a sticky build-up of e-juice that can creep and settle into your devices’ cracks, the wick and the coil of your atomizer. Just like how water may struggle to flow through and out of a greasy housing, your vape will not be able to perform at its best when its tank is filled with old juice grime. Your vaporizer will definitely work better when your vape tank is clean and shiny.

Apart from aging unvaped e-liquid clogging up your tank, another reason your vape tank needs to be cleaned regularly is in order to get the best possible flavor experience that your vape can offer. This is especially important if you enjoy frequently switching flavors because you can experience something known as ‘flavor ghosting’. Maybe not as paranormal as it sounds, but flavor ghosting happens when you can taste the flavor that was previously in your tank, even though you filled it with a new flavor. Even if the tank appears to be completely empty, a layer of the old e-juice can coat your tank’s inside walls, as well as stay in the wick and coil. The only way to prevent this from happening is to thoroughly clean your vape tank between switching flavors.

How to clean a vape tank

Whether you use a clearomizer or sub-ohm tank, cleaning and maintaining your tank is pretty simple. Let’s run through the steps:
Step 1: Empty out the tank
Depending on the design of your device, remove either the top or base of your clearomizer and empty out any e-liquid still in the tank.
Step 2: Rinse away remaining e-liquid
Next, rinse away any remaining e-liquid from the tank by holding the clearomizer under warm running water. Generally, when you clean your tank regularly every few days as recommended, a strong blast of water into the tank for about 30 seconds should be enough to keep your vaporizer tank clean.
Step 3: Let the tank dry
Due to your device being electric, it is very important that the tank is fully dry before you reassemble it and use it. Once the tank has been rinsed, you can shake out any remaining water. Use a tissue to soak up any excess water. You’ll find the easiest way to do this is to twist the corner of a tissue, slide it into the vape and use it to dry up any remaining water in the tank. Use it to dry up any excess liquid by twisting it around the tank in order to soak up as much water as possible. Despite your best efforts, there will still be some water left in the tank, but that’s perfectly normal. It’s, therefore, best to allow your vape tank to air-dry for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before refilling with new e-liquid and reassembling your device.

Using a cleaning device
If regularly cleaning your vape feels a bit mind-numbing and annoying, you can always go for a vape cleaner, that will essentially do all of the hard work for you. You can simply pop your components into the cleaner with some water, and have them ultrasonically cleaned spotless for you in a matter of minutes (maybe a good idea if you’re constantly changing flavor and have to wash your tank regularly).

Other methods
There are many other popular methods used for cleaning your vape tank. Many people soak their tanks in water and/or alcohol overnight or they submerge their tank in boiling water in order to sanitize it. Although popular, these techniques do involve a higher risk because leaving any plastic, vinyl, or rubber rubber pieces in alcohol for too long and/or exposure to high temperatures may lead to the deterioration of your vaping components Whatever you do, make sure you have done your research and know how particular solvents may react with different materials in your tank.
So, what are you waiting for? Now you know how to clean a vape tank, so go clean your tank! Do you use any other methods for cleaning vape tanks?