Vaping Etiquette 101: What to Do When Vaping with Others

Maybe you started vaping as a way to ditch the cigarettes for good.
Perhaps you've read all the trend pieces about vaping, or even have friends and family who vape, and want to see what all the fuss is about.
Or, maybe you've been vaping a while, and are curious about what you can do to bolster the vaping community's reputation.
No matter where you are in your vaping journey, now is always the right time to start thinking seriously about vaping etiquette. Should you smoke in public? What about indoors? How can you make sure you're not causing problems for people around you?
There's a lot to think about.
Consider this post your ultimate quick and easy vaping etiquette guide.

1. Help a Newbie Out
We were all new to vaping once, and you likely remember just how intimidated you felt when you saw more experienced vapers doing awesome tricks or talking about complicated mods and devices.
The most important advice when it comes to vaping etiquette is to always help out someone who is clearly a newbie. Don't be judgemental or tease them -- just invite them to come and hang out with you.
Offer them advice when they ask for it, and feel free to share tips on how to get bigger clouds or make suggestions about the flavors of e-juice you love.
Trust us when we tell you that they'll definitely appreciate it. Plus, supporting each other is what the vaping community is all about.

2. Take Your Location into Consideration
Whether you're eating something, having a potentially sensitive conversation, or vaping, polite etiquette means that you should always take your location into consideration -- yes, even if you're just among friends, and even if regulations state that it's cool to vape where you are.
Try to avoid vaping in any kind of confined space, like a car or a closed room.
If you can go outside to vape, do it. (Plus, it'll give you a nice break from the indoors.)
If you're in a car with others, or even if you're just driving yourself around, roll down the windows so no one's visibility will be impaired.
Of course, if you're in your own home, you make all the rules -- and can vape whenever and wherever you'd like.

3. Consider Who You're With
Common vaping etiquette also means considering who you're with when you want to vape.
If you're around a former smoker or someone who stopped vaping recently, don't pull out your device. The same goes if you're around children and teenagers. It's about setting a good example -- and avoiding those menacing glares from parents.
Many people, even experienced vapers, also aren't aware that, whenever possible, you should avoid vaping around pets and animals.
Finally, if you know that someone is sick or has a longer-term condition that weakens their immune system, don't vape around them.

4. Follow the Rules and Regulations
While developing your own vaping etiquette standards is important, you also need to follow the rules and regulations about vaping.
For example, you likely won't be allowed to vape or smoke near a hospital, a school, on planes, trains, and other forms of public transit, or inside of many commercial buildings.
If you're unsure, just follow the same regulations listed for cigarette smokers.
Especially if you're planning on vaping CBD, make sure that you've studied up on the legality of CBD oil in the area. You don't want to end up in hot water because you were unaware of the laws.

5. Answer Questions
Remember that lots of people will have questions -- or even doubts -- about vaping.
You'll do a lot for the general reputation of the vaping community if you try to take the time to answer them. People may ask if you used vaping to help you to quit smoking, how they're different from cigarettes, or even about how different flavors taste.
They'll likely have heard of the big names in the vaping world, but you can tell them about other companies, the kinds of mods you like, and even explain how to turn on your device.
However, this doesn't mean that you should turn into a vaping evangelist. No one wants to be made to feel like they're stupid to still be smoking cigarettes, and no one wants to listen to you drone on and on forever about how amazing vaping is.

6. When in Doubt, Just Ask
The truth is that most good vaping etiquette is just common sense.
Don't blow vape clouds into someone else's vape, don't condescend to those who are new to vaping or who aren't as skilled as you, and avoid confrontations with store owners and residents who want you to stop vaping around them.
It's not worth the potential drama and the killed vibe.
If you want to bring your vape to a party, text the host and ask if it's cool. Other people may want to try your device, so be prepared to share the love and explain how it all works.

Follow These Tips for Proper Vaping Etiquette
We hope this post has helped you to develop a new standard for yourself and those around you when it comes to proper vaping etiquette.
Remember to ask if you can vape around people, pay attention to signs/rules posted in your location, and to take your location and the people around you into consideration.
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