From MTL Vaping to Direct Lung and back

I started vaping many years ago to rid myself of a 25 years cigarette addiction back in 2012. Like most, it was a learning curve that began with a simple vape pen. At that time, there were only Mouth-To-Lung devices, different types, but MTL devices, after all.
The design of Mouth-To-Lung or MTL vape pen is meant to mimic the experience a cigarette smoker would have when taking a drag. A cigarette smoker will typically hold the vapor in their mouth before passing it down to the lungs, and MTL vapes will provide the perfect airflow to do so.
The big cloud vapes did not exist at the beginning of the vaping industry; the term MTL had not been conceptualized as there was no need to or nothing else to distinguish it.

The road to no nicotine vaping:
I was able to overcome the cigarette addiction the day I realized that the smell of a cigarette was unbearable! I was so happy! I had been vaping a little more than a year. Great! Overcoming the addiction to cigarettes is a great achievement. But still, I wanted to be free of any dependence, so clearly, I was now addicted to vaping. So I started down the road of reducing the nicotine level of the liquid I was vaping; I went from 18 mg to 12mg. In the meantime, Kangertech came up with the first Sub-Ohm device, the Subtank! I remember running very excited to try it, not knowing what it was about, and filled it with my 12mg e-liquid. I had the worst experience ever! So harsh in the throat! I did not understand why, and only later, I learned that high nicotine levels and Sub-Ohm coils don't go well together. That lousy experience put me off! So I stuck to my old Evod Vape Pen.
It was not until I lowered the nicotine level to 3mg that I decided to try again the so famous Subtank, and boy! I was impressed with the amount of vapor that came out of it! I got hooked; the sensation of filling up my lungs was quite enjoyable! The big clouds were very entertaining! So I put aside my loved Kangertech Evod and officially became a Direct Lung vaper.
I was able to lower the nicotine level to 0 mg, and what intrigued me was that months passed by, and I still felt the urge to vape. Why was I still feeling the need to vape if there was no nicotine at all? I could not tell at the time, but the urge to vape with no nicotine was just there.
Nowadays, I believe that there is a particular addiction to the "habit" of puffing a vape. So I kept vaping just for the pleasure of doing so. Then, my need and want for vaping decreased to a point where I did not need vape, not at all!
So I stopped and only vaped when I wanted to try new products for the store. I was finally free of addictions! Yeah!

The love for tobacco flavors:
But then, I started trying Halo's Tobacco flavored e-liquids samples I received in 6 mg; at the same time, I visited a friend's Hookah Bar a few times. That was enough to put me back into the nicotine craving mode! So I am back to vaping E-Liquids with 3mg of nicotine, a Mini Protank and an Evod VV 1000 battery. After trying all sorts of devices, pods, mods, rebuildable tanks, and you name it, I went back to enjoying the durable stainless steel vape pen.
The only difference this time is that once I learned to vape straight to the lungs (also called Direct-Lung or DL), I can not vape the way I used to: inhaling with my cheeks, letting the vapor sit on my mouth, and then passing it to the lungs. I just can not.

Direct Lung on an MTL vape pen?
I figured that I could use any MTL vape pen and drag it straight to the lungs and adding more air by not surrounding the mouthpiece completely with my lips. It is sort of like creating an extra airflow with the lips. The incredible thing is that it produces more vapor when inhaled that way.
So if you are an MTL vaper and want to create more significant clouds, give it a try. Leave a little opening at the lips and inhale straight to the lungs! You might like it!

Back on the road to no nicotine vaping!
Now I am on my way back to no nicotine vaping. I will take me some time, but I will get there. I believe that the most healthy state consists of breathing just air.
I will take me some time, but I will get there.
Happy vaping, and stay healthy!