Vaping 101 – Proper Coil Head Installation

If you’ve been vaping for awhile, you’re likely are already comfortable with coil head installs. But if you’re new to vaping, sub-ohm tank coils may be a bit intimidating at first. Fear not, we have some helpful pointers for you!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “it’s soooo easy”, or “could you really screw that up?” But for anyone new to vaping, it may be a different story. Everyone, including myself, was new to vaping once. Truth of the matter is, while easy, there are definitely a few tips/tricks you can follow to guarantee a clean install.

Coil Pre-clean
This is perhaps the biggest mistake I see new vapers make. While you can install a coil head directly out of the package, I always advise running the coil under a stream of warm water prior.

By doing this, you ensure any particulates left over from the packaging process are eliminated, keeping them out of your e-liquid. This step also pre-moistens the cotton your coil is wicked with, in case you forget to saturate it with e-juice prior to using.

How Tight is Too Tight?
It can be difficult to know exactly how tight the coil head must be secured to the base of your tank. I like to use a simple trick, that uses to airflow adjustment as a guide.

After you’ve threaded you coil into the base of your tank, continue to screw the head down until it comes the a stop.

Now, using the airflow as a guide, tighten the coil further, until you can adjust the airflow by turning twisting in the opposite direction.

You’ll know you have your coil head tightened properly when you can adjust the airflow slots open/closed using the top, without the coil coming loose from the base of the tank itself.

Before using you newly installed coil head, make sure to saturate the cotton inside with a bit of the e-juice you plan to use. Remember, it is likely that your coil has sat on a shelf for a few months to a year – so that cotton is DRYER than DRY! Doing this will help reduce dry hits, and decrease the time you will need to let your filled tank sit prior to vaping.

Often, I see new vapers and some who’ve been going at it for awhile, squeezing e-juice into their tank like they were in some type of race. I always advise new vapers to practice patience when filling. Opting out of the ‘Tennessee squeeze’ here will ensure a few things:

1.Reduce the chance of an air bubble in your tank.
2.Reduce the chance of a spill
3.Eliminate an overfill situation

After you have filled your tank, let it sit on the table for a few moments. If you’ve pre-washed and saturated your cotton with e-juice, one to two minutes of sitting should do the trick. If haven’t saturated the cotton at all, let your tank sit for at least five minutes.

How Empty
It’s is important to pay attention to the level of your e-liquid while vaping. Most coils have slots near the bottom, so unless you tank has a recessed base that allows e-juice to reach the cotton with the tank running on empty, you should keep more than enough liquid in it at all times. Ideally, you want the top of your coil head emerged in e-liquid at all times – even when the tank sits between vaping.

Hopefully these tips helped, if you’d see more coil head tutorials or review, don’t hesitate to reach out!