Vaping 101: Keeping The Inside Of Your Mod Clean

Keeping the outside of your mod clean is important, but maintaining the interior of your device should be a priority too; it’s where your battery rests, and contains the wires required for you mod to function properly. Today, we look at a simple cleaning technique to help your mod last as long as possible.

Dirt and grime are never welcome on the outside of your mod, just as they’re not welcome on the inside. And even though your device may seem sealed from the elements, battery venting will allow particulates to gather on the inside of your mod over time. Keeping everything clean is easy, and well worth your time and effort.

Knowing Your Mod

Newer devices available on the market today may not require individual battery cells like the Titan you see above, but will utilize Li-Ion battery packs like the 40w Lost Vape Orion. However, the battery of choice for the majority of devices on the market today is still the 18650 cell. And if your mod uses 18650s (or any other cell for that matter…) it will have a battery sled similar to the Titan.

18650 devices normally utilize a battery door with venting holes on the bottom or sides to help the batteries breathe. Occasionally however, a device like the Titan has a door secured with magnets, that has been pre-gapped allowing for proper battery ventilation. Whatever the case may be, venting holes or not, the interior of your device will need to be maintained.


There are a few methods you can use to clean the inside of your device depending on how dirty it is. If you frequently clean the inside of your box, a simple dust rag, and five minutes of your time tends to do the trick.

If you’ve neglected to clean the inside of your mod for some time, you may have to use light chemicals — as well as more precise cleaning ‘tools’ like Q-tips — to get the job done.
In general, I try to clear the inside of a device from particulates and other residues with a dry rag, or Q-tip first, and then resort to a light non toxic/organic cleaning liquid if necessary.

A Q-tip soaked in a bit of rubbing alcohol tends to clean the larger surfaces quite nicely, and dries quickly. They’re also great for cleaning those hard to reach nooks and crannies, places where a towel falls short.

For the contacts of your sled (positive and negative), you can either use the same alcohol soaked Q-tip to remove any light corrosion, or a bit of steel wool.
Steel wool should be used to clear corrosion from your contacts, and nothing more! These pads are pretty abrasive, and WILL scratch most power coatings and paints.

Once you have cleaned the inside of your mod, using dry rags, Q-tips, or a combination of both, you carry on with your normal vaping. Normally, I spend 10-15 minutes at the end of every month to clean the interior of my devices all at once. As for the outside, I wipe up any residue, dust, or other particulates on the go (during, or after use).

Keeping the inside of your mod clean will ensure a clean battery connection, prevent dust build up, and remove e-juice residue that may eat away at internal wiring over time. It only takes a few minutes, can be done any time throughout the day, and requires minimal effort of your part. Trust me when I say, it’s worth it!