How Long Should Vape Juice Stay In Your Tank? (Solved)

Vape juice cannot stay in your tank forever, but when does it expire and start to affect the interior of your vape tank? And how can you get all of the e-juice out of your tank in a proper way? Read on to find the answers and safe your vape tank from going bad!

Let’s get real: It’s not okay to leave vape juice inside your tank for weeks or months at a time. It’s not only bad for the interior of your tank, but it will surely affect the flavor of the e-juice. Those are two things to avoid. That’s why it is important to arm yourself with some knowledge on proper handling of e-juice. If you’re someone that vapes occasionally, or if you own multiple different vape tanks at once, read on. These are the groups are most likely to neglect their e-liquids for a prolonged period of time.

How Long Vape Juice Can Stay Inside A Tank
It is not recommended to leave e-juice in your vape tank for a prolonged period of time. If you leave unused e-juice for up to 7 days inside your tank, not much will happen. But extending this to 14 days or longer, some bad things can start to happen to your leftover vape juice.

How long vape juice can actually stay inside your tank (without going bad) depends on a number of factors. Always be mindful of the expiration date. Every e-liquid bottle has an expiration date printed on the bottle somewhere. Make sure you adhere to this date and empty your tank once the juice has expired.
Don’t be fooled: Some shady companies will put fake expiration dates on the bottle (see image). That’s why you always buy from reputable vendors, such as my personal favorite vape store E-Juice Connect.
There are actually a lot of different ways you can detect when e-juice is no longer suitable for consumption. That’s when it’s best to throw it out and save your tank from eternal damnation. Just joking of course, but do make sure to stay safe. Expired vape juice will give you a terrible vaping experience.
Below you’ll find some of the common ways to learn if your vape juices are still good, or if they are ready to be dumped. Do clean your tank with this procedure after emptying it out! This is very important to ensure the longevity of your precious vape tank.

How To Know When Liquids Have Gone Bad
There are some obvious indicators that will let you know when your e-juice has expired or gone bad. Make sure to use common sense and all of your senses when determining if your liquids are still good to go. Here are some indicators to look out for before starting your vaping session:

·Look out for color changes: The most obvious one is the coloring of the liquid. If this has changed over time, chances are high the juice has gone bad and you should get rid of it asap. Don’t even consider still vaping that stuff, because it may make you sick. If it’s gone bad, it’s gone bad.
·Check the strength of the flavoring: Another obvious indicator (which is especially important for you flavor chasers out there) would be the reduced flavor. Over time the intensity and strength of the flavors will diminish. This doesn’t only reduce the joy of the vaping experience, but also indicates that the juice might have gone bad over time.
·Make sure the thickness is the same: E-juices will lose their thickness over time. The thinner the liquid, the older the substance. If you notice the thickness is gone, consider throwing your e-liquids away. Here’s the proper procedure for throwing away unused vape juice.
·Stinky juice is bad juice: Does the old e-juice inside your tank stink like rotten eggs? Or perhaps another horrible smell you cannot describe? That’s when you know its time to discard of that liquid immediately. Using your senses the smart way helps!
When you want to avoid these things all together, there are some things you can do to avoid e-juices from going bad prematurely. It’s actually quite simple to do this, below you’ll find 3 quick tips to make sure your favorite flavors might even last you multiple years!

3 Tips To Preserve Flavor Longer
·Store vape juice outside of your tank: It’s preferred to store your e-juices in a cool, dark place outside the reach of children. A fridge or even freezer will do the trick most of the time. If you store e-liquid bottles away from heat and light, you’ll make sure the flavors stay inside the bottle longer. Keeping them away from the tank will also preserve the longevity of your vape tank, as it will remain clean.
·Make your own e-juices: If you separate the flavoring from the PG/VG ingredients and add them together once you are ready to consume them, the shelf life of your juices are lengthened to an extreme degree. You can save PG/VG separately in a cool, dark place for up to two years without any issue. The shelf life will reduce drastically once you introduce the flavoring.
·Avoid storage in bags or plastic: This will heat up the inside (especially outside of the fridge or freezer) and cause moisturization around the bottle and will cause the juice to go bad quicker. Not using bags is the best option. Another option is to avoid plastic containers and opt for glass ones instead.

How To Remove All E-Liquid From A Vape Tank
It’s very important to clean your tank after having removed old expired e-juice. Even after emptying it out, there will be residue inside the vape tank that needs to be removed. The simple procedure for this will go a little something like this:
1.Fill a bowl with hot, warm water;
2.Detach the tank from the vape mod;
3.Dispose of any existing old e-liquid remaining in the tank;
4.Completely disassemble your tank;
5.Place all tank components into the bowl with hot water;
6.Wash the tank components in water until clean (use some soap if needed);
7.Dry off each component carefully with a paper towel;
8.Let it stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes;
9.Reassemble your tank and device;
10.Fill up with new juice and enjoy!

Properly Maintaining Your Vape Tank
It’s a good idea to regularly wash and rinse your tanks regardless of the quality of the old juice inside. There are even more thorough ways of cleaning a tank, but let’s keep that for another article. For now, you’ve learned how long your juices will remain good inside your devices, which is a key piece of information to have to ensure a good vaping experience.

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