Charge Your Vape on the Go!

Imagine you’re on an outdoor adventure, or camping with friends. You’ve brought your vape, but the batteries are slowly dying. How will you charge your mod safely? We have the perfect solution!

Okay, so maybe your not on an adventure at all. Sometimes it’s just hard to find a free outlet, especially if you bring your vape to work with you. Many of the new devices available on the market today utilize internal Li-Ion packs, so bringing spare 18650 cells won’t work. Sure, you can purchase spare Lithium cells from the manufacturer, but carrying multiple loose batteries that will only work for your vape is not ideal.

Using Mobile Power Banks to solve the charging issue is easier than you may think. Personally, I’ve been using one for about a month now. They’re cheap, easy to find, and can be used for most electronic devices you have (including your vape).

Mobile Power Banks can be found all over Amazon and other major online retailers.They vary in size/capacity, output, and dimensions, but are all essentially the same. So whether you buy a power bank with a solar panel on top (not a big fan of these, to be honest) like this green 13800mah unit here, or decide to skip the solar power all-together and go for a larger capacity bank (15,000mah) like this one from AllPowers – you’ll be set.

As long as you find a power bank with at least 1 USB output, you can consider the charging your vape without an outlet issue solved!

TIP: Purchase a power bank with sufficient capacity. It will take a bit longer to charge, but will last through multiple uses.

I’ve been using a huge, like really huge, battery pack from RavPower.

It has a 26,800mah capacity, came with two USB charging cables (one that is used to charge the unit itself), and is perhaps a bit overkill. It has smart-charging, which provides a smooth and equally charge to multiple devices at a time. RavPower banks also have 2.4a internals, that will bring the unit from 0% to 100 in just under 15hrs.

You can estimate how much juice you’d like personally by taking your vape’s battery size (in mah), and dividing the battery packs rating/capacity by it. So a RavPower bank (similar to the one I have above) would bring a smaller DNA 200 device, like the Lavabox with its 900mah Li-Ion, from 0% to 100 about 29 times (26,800 / 900 = 29.7).

Using a pack to charge your vape is super easy. Simply plug your cord into one of the usb outputs on your bank, and connect the micro-usb directly your vape:

Normally, I let my device sit on top of the power bank while charging, but you can set it off to the side or even out of sight in your closest, honestly. If you have a choice between a unit with fast-charging, and one without, definitely go the fast route. Normally, I can bring my bulky iPhone 6s plus from 0%-50% in about 30 minutes.

If it’s portability you’re going for, try finding a compact bank rated at 3000-5000mah. They’ll be light enough to carry in your pocket, and will re-charge faster than many larger banks.
I keep my RavPower in the truck if it’s nice out, or at home if not. I’ve lugged it with me to the beach, carried it with my to friends’ houses, and use it to charge everything. It pays for itself in just a few uses, is far easier (and safer) than lugging around replacement Li-Ion cells, and lasts for weeks on end.

Power Banks range in price based on the features and capacity. Typically, you can find a 10,000mah mid-sized pack for under $20. And considering you’ll be able to use it for 99% of household and mobile electronic devices, and even bring it with you camping, it’s easily worth it. Keep your vape charged no matter where you are!