Vape kits are beneficial for ex-smokers because e-cigarettes have been found to be 95% safer than cigarettes according to Public Health England (PHE). Quitting smoking and then moving on from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can be intimidating. Vape kits and e-liquid are available in so many varieties that it can be overwhelming to take it all in.

First of all, if you are an ex-smoker, congratulations to you! You have saved yourself from thousands of carcinogenic compounds. However, there are certain vape kits that you can still use to have an amazing vaping experience with minimal or zero nicotine in the e-juices.

Here we have picked out the top 3 best vape kits for ex-smokers, lets have a look at each one of them separately.

1)  Innokin Endura Vape Kit
First up, we have the Innokin Endura Vape Kit. Slim, stylish, and fully functional, this model values functionality over customizability. It comes equipped with a huge 1500mAh internal battery that can ensure plenty of power for a full day of vaping, as well as an 18W max output that delivers a moderate vape hit.

This vape kit is known for its minimalistic design. It comes with a super sleek surface that only has single activation button on it. Due to this, it becomes a simple yet easy to use device for ex-smokers.  

Innokin Endura T20-S tank that comes with this vape kit is long lasting and efficient. It comes with one 0.8-ohm Prism-S coil that is pre-installed, making it suitable for ex-smokers who do not want to have to deal with coil management.

2)  Smoke Nord 19 Vape Kit
An all-in-one kit is a great option for ex-smokers who don't want to spend a lot of time setting it up. A vape pen, power supply, and charger are all included in the Smok Nord 19. You'll be able to power through any day thanks to this vape kit's 1300mAh battery. When it comes to finding a simple yet powerful device for an ex-smoker, the Nord 19 is it.

This vape kit is highly recommended for ex-smokers mainly because of its safety features. The safety features include low voltage protection, automatic cut off function, and short-circuit protection. The power of this device is regulated due to which, overheating is avoided. The coolest thing about this vape kit is that it comes with a child lock and prevention cap to avoid any leaks. This way, children and pets will remain safe at home and during travel. It is one of the most reliable vaping kits.

Featuring two different coil types, this e cigarette excels in versatility. When used at 25 watts, the 0.8-ohm coil produces thick plumes of vapor, making it the coil of choice for sub-ohm vapers. However, MTL vapers prefer 1.4ohm coils, which are best vaporized at 12 watts.

3)  Uwell Caliburn Vape Pen Kit
The last vape kit that we have for you all is the U Well Caliburn Vape kit. It is known for its compact shell and minimalistic design. It comes with a variety of hassle-free features that make this vape kit convenient for everyday use and for traveling. It is suitable for ex-smokers because it doesn’t have any complex yet time-consuming features. With its simple mechanism, ex-smokers can hit the vape pretty quickly.

This device is one of the best choices for ex-smokers because it is designed for people who want to opt for a milder vaping experience instead of an intense one. However, it comes with customizable settings through which the ex-smoker can adjust the settings.

With its powerful battery, the device has the capacity to run throughout the day. It comes with an LED indicator that indicates a low charge. The battery warning allows the ex-smokers to charge it before the battery has completely died.  

While looking for a vape kit for ex-smokers, you must keep in mind that it is easy to use, slim and sleek and convenient to travel with. Cigarettes don’t require much work and if the vape kit is too complex then there is a likelihood that the ex-smoker will go back to cigarettes instead of sticking to a vape. 

We hope that this information was helpful for you.