E-liquids to beat the heat

Let’s face it, the Brits love to complain about the weather, hot or cold, rain or shine, we’re never really happy. If you’re anything like me then almost every conversation you are having revolves around it being too hot, and your every thought is consumed with ways to combat the heat. In the interest of keeping cool, take a look at our top picks for icy e-liquids that will help you beat the heatwave.

Iced raspberry sorbet

If I had it my way I would eat sorbet for every meal during the summer, but seeing as that would probably be ill advised, Ohm Brew Baltic Extreme iced raspberry sorbet has been one of my go to e-liquids for keeping me refreshed throughout the day this summer.

This flavour combines Ohm Brew’s gorgeous raspberry sorbet flavour with the ultra-cold finish of the Baltic Extreme range. Combining fresh raspberry and a hint of citrus with a drizzle of sweet vanilla syrup and an icy finish so cool that it will feel like you’re enjoying an ice cream in the Arctic.

You can pick up iced raspberry sorbet in a 70VG/30PG 50 ml short fill along with all the other flavours in the Baltic Extreme range.

Sensation X

If you are looking for a crisp and cool menthol this summer, Baltic Blends Sensation X could be the perfect all day vape during the heatwave.

Like the other Baltic Blends, Sensation X has a super icy finish that is incredibly refreshing and perfectly complements the minty undertones. No matter how hot it is outside, this e-liquid will transport you to the frozen Baltic Sea with every puff.

Baltic Blends Sensation X is available in a high VG 50 ml short fill as part of the Baltic Blends range.

Cola slush

One of my favourite summer time treats is a refreshing slushy drink, and Slushie cola slush perfectly encapsulates the flavour of a frozen cola beverage with a hint of fizz and a healthy dose of ice.

This invigorating flavour is available in a choice of two formulas. If you are using an advanced or sub-ohm vape kit you can pick up cola ice in a high VG 50 ml short fill with room for an optional nicotine shot. But if you need a 50/50 e-liquid for your pod kit or starter kit you can still enjoy this flavour all summer in a 10 ml bottle with a 10 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml nic salt formula.

Blue slush

Slush Brew blue slush is such a nostalgic flavour, bringing back memories of slushy drinks on the beach that leave you with a bright blue tongue.
Blue slush lets you enjoy the blend of blueberry, raspberry, and heaps of crushed ice without the brain freeze!

Blue slush is available in a high VG short fill for the sub-ohm vapers, but also offers a huge variety to new vapers with their 50/50 nic salt option. Slush Brew’s nic salt range are available in a 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg/ml nicotine strength that lets you find the exact strength that best suits your needs.

Grape ice

I love a rich, dark grape flavour all year round, but during the summer Dr Frost grape ice is the way to go when I’m looking for a full flavoured grape with an ultra-cold finish to help me make it through the unrelenting heat.

Grape ice combines that authentic grape flavour we love with a real kick of koolada, and the high VG formula comes in a 100 ml short fill to keep you stocked up for the duration of the heatwave without having to worry about running out!

Tropical ice

When I think of my favourite summer e-liquid flavours, you can never go wrong with something cool and exotic that makes even a stuffy day at the office feel like a tropical beach getaway.

Crusher have combined all your favourite exotic fruits in their tropical ice flavour, so while you might not be jetting off to Club Tropicana this summer you can still enjoy a fruity cocktail flavour poured over ice.

You can grab a 100 ml short fill of tropical ice with a high VG formula, and room for two nicotine shots if needed, as part of the Crusher e-liquid range.