Living in a time when stress has settled in our daily lives, it’s no wonder that more and more people suffer from anxiety. We often feel fear, panic, uneasiness, and worry triggered by the many things in our lives. 

Anxiety attacks are the natural way a body responds to stress. The person might feel tense, restless, breathe heavily or have an increased heartbeat. There may be many triggers behind anxiety. Many of them may remain unknown, but a person should work on identifying these triggers to be able to prevent them if possible.

During these times, people find comfort in different things. Some reach out to loved ones; others use breathing as a calming technique, decaffeinate, or do anything that makes them feel comfortable. 

Vaping for anxiety is something that many people have said that they find helpful. Amid an anxiety attack, many vape users are tempted to reach out for it to be able to cope with the situation. Is that the solution? Maybe not, maybe yes. It’s a personal preference, but some find that vaping helps them cope with the problem.

Relation Between Vaping and Anxiety
There are always split opinions about the benefits when it comes to vaping. Some feel that vaping for anxiety helps; others believe it is harmful and may cause physical and mental damage.

Whatever your opinion of vaping, we have put together a guide to vaping that will help you get more information on what vaping is, the benefits, and how to do it safely and responsibly. 

Multiple studies and health professionals have shown that vaping, while not entirely risk-free, is healthier than smoking. Smoking allows for direct intake of substances and the accompanying toxins and harmful chemicals in a cigarette. The use of vapes is much safer and healthier due to the indirect intake of nicotine, e-liquid, cannabis, and other compounds.

When faced with anxiety, we look for different ways to deal with these stressful situations. If you are a vapor user, you might know that anxiety can trigger vape cravings. Why? Because in a case like that, the body needs something to ease the pressure inside, and it’s looking for ways to relax and deal with the condition.

Vaping may offer a release of tension and relaxation, helping you to better cope with the situation. The user gets a calming sensation because the flow of information slows down when vaping. Inhaling vapor allows the body to release chemicals that send signals to the brain to slow down.

Vaping and dealing with anxiety have one thing in common - breathing. Large inhales, and slow exhales are the right way to deal with stress and vape. So vaping for anxiety can often be precisely what you need.

Some even compare vaping to a comforting hug that provides a safe place until the crisis is over. When vaping for anxiety, you are the one that chooses the “hug” strength by choosing the compound for your vape. 

In some cases, nicotine has been used as an antidepressant and anxiolytic. Therefore it helps in situations like anxiety. The CBD in cannabis is known to decrease anxiety which is why it is often chosen as a treatment.

Besides nicotine and cannabis, vapes also come with a selection of aromas added to the vape juices that may provide a comforting and relaxing feeling. When compared to other options for reducing stress, vaping is a very cost-effective option. If you still haven’t purchased your vape, visit our online vape store to buy one from our wide selection. 

Every abuse and overuse of a substance is harmful, so vape responsibly. Use only when needed and as much as necessary to avoid further health problems. 

Is Vaping Good For Anxiety? 
Vaping for anxiety is a way to provide the body with the needed substance to relax. The inhaled vapor slows down the body allowing it to relax and deal with the occurring anxiety.

Bear in mind that vaping has been around for a relatively short time, so there haven’t been many studies done to prove that vaping does cure anxiety. It will take a lot of research to confirm whether vaping for anxiety does actually work. 

For now, we can say that vaping helps in the short term by calming the mind and body and helping ease the process. Sometimes this may not be enough, so it’s best to consult a professional on dealing with anxiety in the long run. 

Vaping Mental Effects
As much as vaping is beginning to be preferred over smoking as a healthier option, we should be honest and admit that vaping can also have some harmful effects. 

Concentrating mainly on the physical aspects, the mental effects are usually disregarded. One possible issue that arises is addiction, especially amongst the young population. 

Nicotine or any other addiction is a severe condition, so vaping for anxiety should be used cautiously and responsibly. Wanting to fix one problem temporarily, we wouldn’t want to get into a state of addiction. 

Additional FAQ:

Does Vaping Help With Stress?
It all depends on what your perceived outcomes are from the whole ordeal. Vaping doesn’t help you cope with stress in the long run. But yes, it is an easy way to deal with stress and anxiety in the shorter term. 

When a person is under stress and gets an anxiety attack, as a result, they need to concentrate on their breathing to calm themselves. Vaping works because it requires large inhales of the vapor and then slow exhales.

So when faced with a stressful situation, vaping may be the answer. Users who suffer from stress and anxiety and are also vaping have said that they consider their vape a comfort item, a helping hand when they find themselves in a stressful situation.

Does Vaping Help With Depression? 
Depression is a rather serious medical condition no one should take it lightly. It is a condition that hinders the normal day-to-day functioning of individuals. Mood swings, loss of interest and energy, and feeling worthless and perpetually guilty are some symptoms that can point to depression.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that vaping can help with depression, and it cannot provide the serious approach to the treatment needed for curing depression. In certain situations when the user feels anxious, using a vape may help to release the stress and help relax the body. But that is all it can do. The best way to deal with depression is to contact a licensed professional who will provide a specifically tailored treatment.