Top Vape Apps For Android and IOS Devices

The world of vaping has taken an interestingly new turn. Thanks to the continuous development of the vaping industry, vapers now access to a multitude of accessories to boost their vaping experience.

As of today, vapers now have access to a wide array of vape apps for android and IOS devices. These apps enable even the most discerning of vapers to benefit from its many features and functionality. However, diversity does exist in vape apps, as they are not all the same. Some vape apps simply help users control the amount of vaping. Some function as communities where vapers can interact with one another, sharing information and personal experience. Other apps work like encyclopedias, as they possess information pertaining to vape pens, mods, and other hardware.

For vapers and other vape enthusiasts, the vape app not only allows them to shop for new vaping hardware and control vaping activities, but it also acts as a platform where they can research and create new e-liquid recipes. Largely, vapers look to vape apps in search of the ultimate vaping experience.

Vape Apps


This app, which is compatible with all Android and IOS mobile devices, came into existence in 2018. With most social platforms becoming a toxic wasteland, the need for a safe haven began to rise, which led to the development of this app.

Vaffle has an easy-to-use interface making it popular amongst celebrities, vapers, and vape enthusiasts. The app grants each user their own personal feed, where you can choose to upload videos directly or sync with your YouTube account. Similarly, you can also utilize the vape tools that come with the app. The in-app vape tools include a DIY e-liquid tool, vape calculator, vape diary, and a bunch of others that allows for customization.

You can link up with vapers from all over and see who uses similar hardware while experience and other valuable information.

·Vape Boss
Vape Boss provides information on the best vaping methods in the world. It also acts as a marketplace where vapers can purchase vaping supplies such as e-juice and other similar items.

Before its untimely end in 2019, Vape Boss maintained its status as the most popular vape app in the Apple App Store. However, Android users can still get the app on the Android Playstore. The app has seen significant improvement since its debut in 2014.

·Ohm's Law
Having a good knowledge of Ohm's Law is crucial to developing your own coil. Although this might seem a tad stressful, several apps exist, enabling you to calculate the resistance of the coil at the push of a button. The Ohm's Law app, which is available for Android and IOS devices, is one of such vape apps. Its simplistic and intuitive design is one that resounds with a lot of users. Every coil builder needs this app installed on their phone to not only create the ideal vape but also to ensure functionality and safety.


The designers of this app created it specifically for those who intend to give up vaping completely. The Smoke-Free vape app grants vapers the ability to control the amount of time spent vaping. It helps them maintain a balance between the time spent vaping and the time spent not vaping. It also helps them keep track of the money saved outside their vaping hours.

Furthermore, vapers can complete the in-app tasks to receive virtual badges as their rewards. However, the functionalities do not stop there. The app sends users their health information, that is, from a vaping standpoint. Users receive a graphical representation of their pulse and oxygen rate. It also shows a detailed analysis of areas with high vaping activity.

Overall, vapers get the best out of this app if they take a serious-minded approach.