Proven Ways to Improve Vapor Production From Your E-cigarette

In owning an E-cig, having a vaporizer that produces a sustainable amount of vapor is vital. Vapers appreciate vaping more when thick vape clouds are blown out of an E-cigarette. An E-cig with a little cloud can pose too much stress when inhaling, to add to its negative result on exhaling.

With various proven ways, you can increase vapor output from an E-cig. Though these strategies may largely be dependent on the kind of E-cig you use while vaping, some of these techniques have been suggested to increase the vape cloud of even bad quality vaporizers. These helpful strategies include:

·Using the precise proportion of E-juice
E-juice is a significant factor that affects the thickness of the cloud as you use a vaporizer. E-liquids comprise essentially PG, which is responsible for the flavor of the vapor, and VG, which is responsible for the intensity of the vapor cloud. Vaporizers have VG and PG mixed in different fractions. If one desires to puff out vapor with a thick cloud intensity, the percentage of VG should be increased.

However, the Vaper should put in mind that E-cigarettes with high VG are devoid of tasty flavors. Combining PG and VG in reasonable fractions will work perfectly.

·Double the airflow
Increasing the flow of air in the atomizer is a sure way of improving the intensity of the vapor cloud. Aside from improving vapor, enhancing airflow cools the temperature of vapor inhaled. When vaping, the inhaled vapor gets hot, so the user gets uncomfortable and cannot hold in enough vapor for long. This leads to puffing out a small amount of vapor. Increasing airflow in the atomizer has a very high chance of increasing vapor quantity. The Vaper remains comfortable when inhaling as well.

·Boost your power
Vaporizers are fitted with batteries and resistance coils to power them. The ability of a vaporizer to produce more vapor depends primarily on the wattage and resistance of the vaporizer. Vaporizers with larger watts and resistance coil less than one ohm improve the intensity of vapor clouds. Resistance coils with sub-ohm mods or atomizers that can be replaced are recommended because lower ohm mods mean lower resistance to vapor outflow. The watt capacities of batteries should be cross-checked. Higher battery capacity sustains an increased vapor generation and makes rapid inhalation possible.

The good thing is, most vaporizers come with changeable batteries and resistance coils. If yours doesn’t, and you’re concerned about generating large clouds while vaping, considering getting a new E-cigarette with a battery of higher watt and lower resistance coil is the most efficient solution.

·Master the technique!
Though the difficulty with puffing out a small amount of vapor predominantly arises from the E-cig, your method of usage can be blamed. A faultless vaporizer will generate little clouds when a user misuses it. The right usage encompasses posture while inhaling or exhaling. Inhaling rapidly rather than gently should be used as gentle inhalation can make retained vapor fizzle out quickly.

Improving vapor output isn’t a difficult task. These techniques will help you produce as much cloud as you desire.