How to Extend the Life of Your Atomizer Heads

A bad atomizer head while vaping is clearly different from a good one. A dead atomizer tastes horrible, and this unpleasant taste can be pointed out instantly. This could mean firsthand that the wick inside the atomizer is burning.

These tips will help you extend the lifespan of your atomizer heads and assist you in saving some bucks. These helpful tips will go a long way.

·Prime Your Coils
This is the most crucial point and the simple one. Coil priming means allowing the vape juice to entirely soak the wick before vaping. When fixing in a new coil and filling your tank, you need to give the juice a few minutes to saturate the wick before hitting the fire button. Waiting five minutes or more before you take a vape makes all the difference in extending the life span of your coil.

Every atomizer head has openings through which the vape juice enters. You should locate those openings and apply few drops of vape juice into them before you install your atomizer head. Inhale a few times without powering up your device so the juice can thoroughly saturate the wick. Wait for few minutes till the wicking is thoroughly soaked, and you can start vaping.

·Watch Your Juice Levels
Trying to vape when running out of e-liquid can damage an atomizer head quickly. You stand at getting dry hits and bad taste as well. Always, tank levels should be checked frequently and must be at least half of the tank's total capacity. A lower level can ruin the atomizer.  

·Lower the Heat
You can burn your wick and ruin your coil if you set a temperature too high for your atomizer. A good number of atomizer heads are not built for high temperature, and those wicks won't keep up when you use more e-liquids than the vaporizer come with. The temperature should be monitored, and the atomizer heads frequently checked for signs of too much heat.

When you begin to feel uncomfortable heat from the vaporizer as you vape, it's a sign that your atomizer head is burning it at a high temperature and needs to be taken down.

·Reduce Chain Vaping
Chain vaping is a vaping style that involves taking long puff rapidly and frequently. Though it increases the production of flavor and cloud, it can also damage your atomizer head. This is because you're not allowing your wick to get soaked completely in between the puffs.

The solution is to put down your vape device for a while or taking shallower puffs often. This puts a lesser strain on the coil and will not result in a burn.sss

·Clean Your Atomizer Head Regularly
Remove your atomizer head and soak it thoroughly before letting it dry out completely once you start getting a burnt taste from the vape. After that, take some hot water and pop it in for an hour. Distilled water and also alcohol can be used to clean your atomizer head.