Tips for Travelling with Your Vape Device on Planes and Vehicles

Do you have a big trip planned out? Do you intend to take your vape device along with you in your travels? If so, good news. You can come along with it, but there is a catch. For traveling with your vape device on planes and carts, there are some laid down rules that every vape enthusiast must know. 

In this piece, how to travel safely and legally on planes and carts with your vape device will be appropriately explained.

Rules for plane travel

·To begin with, vaping and charging your battery simultaneously is extremely dangerous and prohibited. It could result in an explosion which could be quite detrimental to everyone on board. 

·Secondly, it is important to always double-check the airline’s rules, regulations, and restrictions to be sure you aren’t going against them.

You must duly observe these rules to ensure your safety as well as those on board with you. Moreover, be sure to find out if vaping is allowed in the country you are flying to. Many countries have declared vaping and the selling of vape products illegal. 

How to pack your vape device and accessories before reaching the airport?
Carry-on instead of checked bags: When packing up your vape device and accessories ensure you back it on your carry-on back, not your checked bag in luggage. On checking a carry-on bag at the gate, every type of electronic device (including vape devices or e-cigarettes), alongside any lithium batteries, must be taken out of the bag and carried with you into the aircraft cabin.

Per the TSA website, passengers are free to take e-cigarettes and other vaping accessories such as atomizers, and batteries in their carry-on bags. On the contrary, vapers aren’t allowed to carry these items in their checked backs for safety reasons. 

How much vape juice is allowed on the plane?
For carry-on bags, only 100ml is allowed. Anything more will be put in the checked baggage. Glass containers should be avoided given the possibility of spilling and breaking. 

Batteries allowed in carry-on
The dry batteries allowed include AA, AAA, C, and D. As for loose lithium batteries, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) forbids them from being carried in checked baggage. 

Tips For Flying With Your Vape Device
·Take enough spare coils
·Take empty vape bottles
·Place your vape batteries in a battery case

Rules For Vehicle Travel
As mentioned earlier, while traveling (whether by bus, plane, train, and other means), you must be sure that the area or place you are traveling to does not prohibit vaping. However, if you are traveling via a vehicle, there are some tips you must have at your fingertips: 

·Be sure to pack everything with a foamy towel. Also, you can wrap a cloth around it for it to be appropriately protected. It could be a bumpy ride, you know. 
·Ensure you place your e-liquid and vape device in a spot where it can be easily accessed to have an on-the-go vape session. 
·You can also take the original packaging of your vape items as an extra safety measure. 

Also, you must ensure you don’t take a vape session while driving. It’s quite a terrible idea. Given the fact that the vape tank needs to be regularly topped up, it could be a distraction. More so, most modern vape devices produce huge vapor clouds, and this could be quite dangerous. 

In summary, traveling on a plane or vehicle with a vape device isn’t wrong, but some rules must be followed for your safety, and you must be sure that vaping is legalized where you are headed.