17 Ways to Save Money When Vaping

Vape and save $$$… that’s the dream, right?

I mean, that’s why you ditched those nasty traditional cigarettes in the first place. To save some money — and your health — by switching to an option that’s way less harmful than a pack a day.

And vaping devices delivered!

But… did you know that vaping can be even cheaper? There are always ways to keep the cost of vaping down if you know where [and how] to look.

So that’s what we’re focusing on in this post — tips and tricks that will help you nurse your vaping habit… even if you are on a shoestring budget!

Let’s get into it.

#1 Get on Your Favorite Vape Brand’s Mailing List
In all seriousness, if you love a brand, sub to their newsletter. Any brand, not just us.

#2 Follow Your Favorite Brands on Social Media
In addition to signing up for mailing lists, follow your favorite vape brands on social media. They’ll often post exclusive deals and discounts there.

This is one tip on saving on vaping that most vapers know but don’t do because they don’t want to clutter their social media feeds. That’s cool — but remember that you might be missing out on great deals if you don’t do it. A lot of vape manufacturers and online shops are actively trying to build up their following. They’ll often discount gear and vape juice if you share their posts [and, if you’re lucky, you might even get something for free.

#3 Join a Vaping Forum or Group
There are plenty of vaping forums and groups online where you can connect with other vapers. Many of these groups have members who share discount codes and coupon codes for various vape shops and suppliers.

Not only that, a lot of them are willing to part with their old gear… or they’re making and selling their DIY juice… or they’ve heard about a vape shop offering insane discounts on vape kits, e-cigarettes, or e-liquid. Trust me — it pays to be in the know here.

#4 Order Vape Gear in Bulk to Save Money
If you know you’re going to be using a lot of e-liquid or vaping gear, it might save you money to order in bulk. Many online vape shops offer discounts for larger orders.

You don’t even have to order it all for yourself. Check in with your vaper friends to see if anyone needs anything before placing an order. Bonus points if they all live near you so you can save on shipping costs… or even get free shipping!

PRO TIP: If a vape store doesn’t offer a discount on bulk orders, don’t be lazy — email them! Try to hammer out a deal for yourself before paying full price.

#5 Use a Vape Pen Instead of a Vape Mod
Mods can be expensive, especially if they have features like temperature control or variable wattage. If you don’t need all those bells and whistles, try using a vape pen instead. They’re often cheaper and still provide great flavor and satisfaction.

There’s another upside to using vape pens — you’ll not only save money, but it’s also more likely that you’ll stick with vaping. Pens are easy to use and they mimic traditional cigarettes — it’s much easier to switch to them than to complicated mods.

#6 Choose an Affordable E-Liquid Brand
Not all e-liquids are created equal. Some brands are much more expensive than others. If price is important to you, look for e-liquid brands that are affordable without sacrificing quality.

You can often shop around various low-cost e-juice brands… or you can try out different flavors in your local shop… and then simply buy in bulk when you order the next time.

#7 Make Your Own E-Juice
Making your own e-juice isn’t just a way to save money when vaping, it’s also a fun hobby. Most DIYers save even more by mixing their own e-juice using unflavored nicotine base and flavorings from various suppliers. Stock up on 100 ml bottles, some flavors, and base plus nicotine, and you’ll be good to go!

#8 Shop Sales and Clearances
When it comes to vaping, you don’t have to break the bank to get great equipment. Keep an eye out for sales and clearance items at your local vape shop. You can save a lot of money by buying discounted gear.

#9 Get a Rebuildable Atomizer
If you’re handy, you can save money on vaping by buying a rebuildable atomizer or tank. These allow you to put together your own coils and save on the cost of pre-made coils. You’ll also need to buy cotton, wire, and other supplies which might be cheaper if you order them in bulk. Regardless, coil building is a great way to save money on vaping because the cost of wire and cotton is still incomparable to the cost of pre-made coils.

#10 Get a Mechanical Mod
Mech mods save costs because they don’t contain any electronics or wiring, which means there’s less that can go wrong with them over time. Another benefit is getting more battery life from a single charge because mechanical mods drain power much slower than other types of devices. If you want an affordable way to save money on vaping, this is the way to go.

Word of warning, though — mech mods don’t have any fail-safes built into them. You need to know a lot about vaping, currents, and Ohm’s law if you want to stay safe. If these things are not up your alley, I’d definitely recommend avoiding this route.

#11 Avoid Buying Pre-filled Cartridges
Cartridges might seem like an easy way to save time when vaping, but they’re not always the cheapest option. You can save more money in the long run by buying e-liquid and buying the empty cartridges separately, refilling them yourself with your own e-liquids.

Avoid disposable vapes at all costs. This is the most expensive type of vaping… and the vaping experience is dismal.

#12 Switch to Mouth to Lung Vaping
The way you vape can also impact your vape-related spending. An M2L setup [as opposed to a D2L setup] still results in a great vaping experience, which is why a lot of people go that route. It can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

DL is more costly than vaping MTL for a number of reasons:

Firstly, you need a more powerful vape device for D2L. These devices tend to be more expensive and they also break more easily. Additionally, lower-resistance vape coils that are used in D2L burn out more quickly. This means that you need to replace coils more often.

And lastly, vaping D2L means you’ll use up a larger amount of e-liquid. M2L setups use less e-liquid nine times out of ten because they’re higher Ohm coils… and every little bit counts!

#13 Join an E-Liquid Subscription Service

These services save money by allowing you to get e-juice delivered right to your door every month or so. This service often costs less than buying juice from the store, and you can choose your favorite flavors and nicotine levels.

Be smart, though — a lot of these services allow you to tailor your package. Always opt for the cheapest option in the biggest vape juice bottles. If they have an option for clearance or sales vape juice flavors, get those. Remember, these juices will be discounted steeply because they don’t want to keep them in a warehouse… that costs money. And that’s where you win!

#14 Get Your Nicotine Strength Right 
Don’t waste money on low nicotine e-liquids, especially if you’re just starting to vape.  These juices won’t be enough to satisfy your cravings, and you’ll burn right through them. Choosing the right strength will not only make you more likely to make the switch for vaping but also save you money on e-liquid.

#15 Dial-in On Discounts Using Internet Tech
Honestly, trying to save money on vaping gear is a full-time job sometimes. You check out all the websites… you bookmark stuff you like… you come back to it every other day to see if the price has dropped. Then you go and double-check other sites so you don’t pull the trigger too early.

It’s exhausting!

But… there’s a trick to discount shopping. And that’s installing a discount tracking app on your browser. Something like the Honey app, which goes through all the available discount codes once you reach the checkout page. These codes are submitted by other users, and they work more often than they don’t. So go to Play Store or iStore and make sure to pick this up. It’s the best way to save when shopping online. And it can be used for anything, not vape devices and vapor gear.

#16 If You’re Using Vape Mods, Avoid Internal Batteries
Remember how I said that mods are the expensive products on the vaping market? And full of useless circuits that just beg to break down? And take too much time for beginner vapers to figure out? Well, if you STILL insist on using one, at least pick one that doesn’t have an integrated battery.

Why? Because these batteries fizzle out FAST. And once they’re done, you can’t replace them. Nope — you have to buy a whole new vaping device! That’s a fact. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to turn me back into a heavy smoker again.

However, if you really… really!… insist on a mod… make sure to grab one that uses 18650 external batteries. They are easy to charge… last long… and you can swap them out once they go bust!

#17 Check Out Your Local Brick and Mortar Vape Shop
Yeah, I’ll go there! Not only is it crucial that we support local business [especially now], but you’ll also find great deals in these shops from time to time. Especially when they are clearing out stock.

Put That Extra Dough Towards Your Next Family Vacation!

Here’s the deal — there’s no need to pay those ever higher prices for vape gear and liquids. You can simply use these top tips I’ve just shared on how to vape on a budget and save a boatload of money in a year.

And guess what — all of this is applicable even if you vape on dry herb products and weed. An electronic cigarette is an electronic cigarette, regardless of what it’s used for. With a little effort, you can find numerous ways to find a great deal.

If you’re a new vaper, a beginner, or a veteran, I hope you’ve found some great tips here — and I hope you get the best deal possible when you buy vape stuff next time!