Top Tips for Customising Your Vaping Experience

One of the greatest benefits of vaping is that you have the power to customise your experience! The vaping world is full of variety and innovation, so there are heaps of options to choose from when it comes to devices and e-liquid. You don’t have to settle for a basic setup, you can test out different options until you find the perfect formula for you! Here are the main areas to play around with to perfect your vape experience.

1. Try different devices
You probably know about e-cigarettes and may have started off vaping with one. However, you don’t need to stick with this device forever! Many vapers like to branch out to other devices as they get more comfortable with vaping. Here are some popular choices.

Box mods offer awesome user experience due to their extra capabilities such as temperature and wattage control. These can be tinkered with to achieve your ideal throat hit and cloud size because the amount of heat applied to the e-liquid affects vapour production. A quality coil is needed with a box mod, and there are many great coils out there.

Pods are a versatile choice that provides convenience without compromising on power. They have two parts, a battery and a refillable or replaceable pod which holds the e-liquid. This handy setup allows for more battery power, therefore providing more grunt than e-cigs. Pods are ideal for those who like to use nicotine salt e-liquid, as the two work compatibly for a smooth experience. Overall, pods are an easy to use, practical choice that still gives a strong hit.

2. Try out different e-juice options
The type of e-juice you use makes a big difference to your vaping experience. Want to get into the business of doing tricks and blowing big clouds? Make sure you choose a high VG e-liquid, as the thicker liquid allows for better vapour production. If you crave a strong throat-hit, opt for a PG heavy e-juice. The thinner liquid is less smooth in the mouth and gives a similar feel to smoking. If flavour is the most important factor for you, then PG-heavy bases are also ideal. PG is a neutral solution whereas VG is slightly sweet, which can interfere with more savoury flavours.

3. Get the gear for awesome tricks
To get enviable clouds, you may want to try sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm tanks utilise a low-resistance coil, which means they can vaporise more liquid in a shorter amount of time. This allows you to blow monster clouds and perfect your tricks! These devices also maximise flavour because you are getting more vapour per hit.