Vaping in Summer: Tips for Looking After Your Gear

The season of road trips, festivals, and long beach days is upon us at last! Nothing is better than relaxing with your vape in hand while relaxing in the shade on a sunny day. However, you do need to take extra care of your gear to enjoy fresh-tasting juice and keep your device in good shape. Read on to learn our top 5 tips for vaping in summer and let the fresh flavours flow!

1. Keep e-liquid out of the sun
E-liquid and warm temperatures are not friends. Leaving your e-liquid out to heat up changes the flavour, making your favourite juice into a funky smelling substance you would not want to inhale. Heat can also break down the nicotine in e-juice, so you will have a less potent formula left over. During hot summers, store e-juice in cool cupboards out of direct sunlight, and keep your vape device out of the heat so the e-juice inside remains stable.

2. Keep your battery safe
Taking care of your battery is not only important for your safety, it also ensures you get the best performance possible from your device. When lithium batteries are subject to high temperatures, they lose capacity, which means less powerful hits. To avoid this issue, don’t leave your vape or spare batteries in a hot car or out in the sun. During the summer months, you may be taking part in some wicked outdoor activities. If you take your device along, be careful it doesn’t get knocked around too much. If your vape does take a hit, check the batteries. If there are any signs of damage or the battery wrapping is torn, you need to replace them.

3. Keep your device dry
Whether you are lounging by the pool or lapping up the waves at the beach, make sure you are dry before picking up your vape. Vapes have some complicated electronics inside that can stop functioning when damaged by water. If you find that the heat makes you sweaty, use a towel or clean shirt to wipe your hand free from moisture before vaping, and dry off any moisture that may get on your device after use.

4. Keep your coils clean
Your vape coils will need more care during the summer, as vape juice can crystallise in the heat and damage the coils. This is mainly the case with sweeter dessert flavours or some fruity summer flavours. Clean your coils often during summer! And if you are going away for a long trip, you may need to take some extra coils so you can keep producing quality clouds.

5. Keep a storage case handy
The best thing you can do to keep your vape and e-liquid safe in summer is to use a protective case. This will protect items from direct sunlight, prevent any knocks, and keep all your gear together so nothing gets lost when you are on the go!