Maximising Your Chain-Vaping Setup

Do you sometimes find that your vape hardly leaves your hand all day? Are you taking hit after hit without a break? This practice is called chain-vaping. While we wouldn’t exactly recommend that you make a habit of chain-vaping, it’s certainly better than chain-smoking cigarettes and might help as you transition between the two.

Chain-vaping puts a lot of strain on your device, so you’ll need to make sure you have quality gear that is set up correctly. Keep reading for our top 5 tips to maximise your chain-vaping setup.

1. Get the right coil
The vape coil is the piece in the tank that heats the e-liquid to create vapour. The act of chain-vaping means your vape coil must heat up almost constantly for long periods. Therefore, you need a high-quality coil that can handle such high levels of use. Chain-vaping can quickly burn out a low-quality coil. These can be a pain to change and, even worse, nasty to discover; burned coils can produce a very unpleasant taste.

We recommend buying SMOK coils for a trusted chain-vape setup. SMOK products are known for their great performance and reliability.

2. Prime your coil
Once you get your hands on a durable, high-quality coil, the next step it to prime it. This is the process of saturating the wick before the first hit, and it can save your coil from immediately burning out. If you don’t prime and the wick is dry when first heated, it will be game over! You’ll likely get a burnt taste from then on.

3. Use a high capacity tank
When you’re taking hit after hit, you are going to burn through the e-juice in your tank much faster. To avoid having to refill your tank often, choose a high-capacity tank that uses e-juice efficiently.

4. Lower your vape device wattage
Vapers should avoid high-wattage vaping, which can cause e-liquid to vaporise faster than the wick can absorb it. This means a high chance of uncomfortable dry hits. Check the recommended wattage for your device and make sure you stay at or below this level.

5. For the pros: Try RDA’s and RTA’s
Rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDA’s) are ideal for chain-vaping, as you drip the e-juice into the wick by hand. This means the wick absorbs much faster, allowing you to take continuous hits. You need to factor inconvenience if you are considering an RDA though, as you will need to carry your juice around with you. A rebuildable tank system (RTA) is a vape system with a rebuildable coil.

The benefit of this option is that you can source a high-quality coil to physically wrap and attach to the system yourself, allowing you to personalise your chain-vaping setup.

However, these two vape types aren’t ideal for newbies, as they require a more advanced understanding of vape devices and their specific parts.