Getting the Most from Your Vape Battery

When you start off vaping, you soon realise there is a bit of maintenance to do! This is a good thing, as it keeps your device working well so that it’s safe to vape, and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Today, we are moving on to battery maintenance! This is key to prolonging the life of your vape, especially if you have a device with inbuilt batteries. Find out how to make your batteries last below!

1. Use authentic batteries and chargers
Firstly, it’s important to get the right batteries if your device takes external batteries, and to use the right cord and wall charger for inbuilt batteries. You may think you can use any old charger that fits, but this isn’t a good idea. A charger with a voltage that is too high could damage your batteries and decrease their lifespan. If you’re looking for quality batteries and a vape battery charger in NZ, we have a range of trusted products on offer that won’t harm your device.

2. Keep your batteries clean
Cleaning really is so important for all aspects of vape maintenance, and the battery is no different! For inbuilt battery devices, use a Q-tip to clean out your charging port. For devices with removable batteries, take them out and give the battery terminal a good clean. Doing so keeps the connection between your battery and device from getting blocked by any debris build-up.

3. Avoid damage
Subjecting your battery to drops and dings will affect the battery lifespan, not to mention it can be dangerous! Handle your device with care and keep it in a case to avoid damage from the occasional knock.

4. Don’t overcharge or let your batteries drain
Batteries can be temperamental. It’s best not to let your battery completely drain, as this means it has to work hard to recharge, which diminishes its overall lifespan. On the other hand, you don’t want to overcharge your battery either. Once your battery is fully charged, take it off the charger. It may be tempting to charge overnight, but this is an unsafe practice that can wreak havoc on the health of your batteries.

5. Store batteries correctly
When storing your batteries, make sure they are in a case to avoid any wear and tear. It’s also best to store them with at least 40% charge. This will ensure that the battery doesn’t completely drain as it depletes over time.

6. Turn off when not in use
It may sound obvious, but it’s a good idea to turn off your vape when you are not using it! If you continuously leave it on this will drain power from your battery constantly, so you’ll need to charge more often. Again, this will diminish the battery lifespan as each battery is only good for a number of charge cycles.

7. Keep it at the right temperature
Avoid leaving your vape device in a hot car or leaving it out in the cold. Extreme temperatures can damage the battery and mean it may not perform as well for as long.

8. Use frequently
The lithium batteries that power vape devices are made to be used often. Not letting your vape sit for too long between uses will help keep the battery in good condition.