The Best Vape Tank that Doesn't Leak

Everyone knows that vape tanks are an essential part of the vape. However, to have a great vaping experience, your vape tank should not leak. Any leakage might bring damage to your vaping device. What does this mean? You need to purchase the best vape tank that doesn't leak. 

A vape tank is a structure that holds your e-liquid juice and atomizer. It is where the flavorful liquid is stored. One of the situations that could cause your vape tank to start leaking is when you overfill or underfill it.

There are thousands of anti-leak proof vape tanks that are available for your mod. Choosing the right tank for your device can be cumbersome if you don't know anything about the best vape tanks for your mod. Read on, and you will discover some of the best vape tanks that will help you save a lot of money from your budget. 

Are you just getting started in the world of vaping, be ready to learn a lot. For starters, it may feel like it is a lot for you to take in. You don't have to worry anymore. We have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the vaping world. It covers all you need to know about what materials and designs manufacturers use to make a vape tank. 

What Are Vape Tanks?
A vape tank is a mod that holds an e-liquid. Also, it is the part that contains the coil used to vaporize the content. It is usually located on the top of the battery and has a box shape in most vaping devices. Vape tanks are often cylindrical and have a metallic top and bottom section. The rest of the body is made up of glass material. 

Most tanks have a stem that runs up to the center where it is attached to a coil and connects with the mouthpiece. The stem is what consists of the tank; in the tank, the liquid is allowed to soak into the wick where it makes contact with the coil. This process takes place when you activate your vaping device. 

Tank designs vary, but it all comes down to one core function, which is always the same. In most cases, they are usually made of plastic or glass. The tank is often made up of: 

- The tank section
- Coil
- Drip tip
- Chimney and top section
- The base 

Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking?
As a vaper, you need to be ready for a leaking vape tank at any time. Can you imagine walking around in a container with e-liquid that you have to carry during your expeditions? It can be a frustrating experience, especially if you do not know how to repair a leaking vape tank. Whenever you notice your tank is leaking, you need to clean it up before continuing your daily activities.

Leaking is a result of e-juice escaping from your tank via the airflow system. It may start as a few drops of e-liquid leaking from your vape pod to empty all of the content from your mod. Most modern tanks are designed to prevent any leakage from happening. However, several things can cause the tank of your vaping device to start leaking. The good thing is: You can fix this situation in less than five minutes. 

We have compiled some of the major causes of vape tank leakage.

The frequent and common reason is failing to fill the vape tank properly. Whenever you are filling your tank, avoid spilling the contents into the chimney. Any spillage of e-liquid into the chimney can cause the tank to start leaking. Always be careful when you are filling your tank to avoid such a situation. If it accidentally happens that you spill the juice in the chimney, you can clean it out with a paper towel.

Another common reason that can cause a vape tank to start leaking is when damage is caused to the O-ring. The O-ring is a rubber ring located at the top and bottom of the tank. These rings are prone to damage. Once damaged or ripped, there will be no air seal causing an e-juice leakage. Replace the O-rings when you notice any leakage from the vape tank.

Storing your device in a horizontal position is also another major cause of vape device leakage. On the other hand, storing the device on its side for a long period can cause the e-juice to start leaking from the device's airflow holes. Avoid leaving the device in a horizontal position for a long time. Lastly, the problem might be that your coil is either old or faulty. 

Top Tips to Prevent your Vape Tanks from Leaking
It is annoying to discover that your device is suffering from leakage just when you are about to begin your vaping session. No one wants to be smelling sweet fruitful flavors of e-liquid in their shirt pockets all day. To help prevent leakage from happening on your vape tank, here are some of the best tips to ensure your vape tank does not have any leakage.

1. Fill Your Tank to the Right Level
A vape tank usually has a central tube that connects to the mouthpiece. If any e-liquid gets there, you are likely to have an e-liquid leakage. How you fill your vape tank is one of the major causes of vape juice leakage. When filling your tank, be sure to leave a small air pocket at the top. The space is essential to prevent e-liquid leakage from happening. 

Make sure you fill the tank properly and avoid getting e-liquid into the central tube to avoid any leakage. You can tilt the tank at a 45-degree angle to ensure the liquid runs into the tank while staying away from the central tube.

2. Tighten the Lid to Ensure no Gaps are Created
A vape tank is pressurized in nature. Ensure the cap you use to cover the tank is screwed in perfectly. Failure to do this will result in e-liquid leakage through the airflow holes. If you want to leave your cap open, ensure that the tank is empty of e-liquid content. That's because where your coil meets the base of your atomizer is enough to start a leakage from happening. To avoid all these, take your time when refilling and ensure that everything fits perfectly. Follow the procedure below:

- Line everything
- Rotate it anti-clockwise until you hear the sound of a click
- Screw it in a clockwise direction

3. Don’t Over-Tighten the Lid
Over tightening the lid can cause the O-rings to get damaged. The O-rings are located near the threading and where the two parts of the vape tank meet. The rings are what give your tank and lid a tight seal. Essentially, this reduces the chances of experiencing an e-liquid leakage. Over tightening these two rings could result in damage. 

When the O rings are damaged, an escape route is created. It could end up costing as it can empty the e-juice from the mod. As you tighten the lid, put in mind that you are not supposed to apply too much strength to it. 

4. Choose the Right E-Liquids
Every vaping device has that specific e-liquid that is compatible and works best with; a device with coil heads that need a lot of power is compatible with e-liquids with a high VG level. The viscosity of PG may cause an instant leak if you use any e-liquid that has 70% and below VG level. As you select your e-liquid, check the e-liquid label to confirm the PG/VG ratio. 

5. Check Your Tank from Time to Time
If you are a vape device owner, ensure you check your tank for any damage or cracks from time to time. Any crack could mean that your device is no longer leak-proof. Also, it will leak your e-liquid from the vape tank giving you extra buying costs. If you notice your tank to have a crack, decide to replace the glass. 

Lastly, ensure you maintain your vape tank regularly. Be sure to clean the tank if the device is not in usage. Any e-liquid juice residue can cause problems with the tank's seal resulting in a leak. You can rinse the tank in cold water and let it dry out. Once you have done all that, you will notice the change in the performance of your device. Fix the leakage problem if you spot any with the tips mentioned above.

Best Leak-Proof Vape Tanks
If you are looking for the best vape tank that doesn't leak, check out some of the options below. 

Goon LP RDA - 528 Custom Vapes
Goon LP RDA is the best vape tank that doesn't leak, and it's known for its effective performance and classic design. Its high-quality build deck provides vapers with an awesome experience that they cannot get elsewhere. This vape tank is the first atomizer that was created by blueeyedgoon83. He is the same guy who designed the tsuka coil, the alien coil, the arched Clapton, and several others. The Goon LP RDA- 528 Vape Tank features a two-terminal clamp-style build deck that makes it easy for starters to handle during their first vaping session.

Product Features:
- 24mm Diameter
- Two Post Build Deck
- Clamp Style Posts
- 20mm Inside Diameter Build Deck
- Adjustable Airslots
- Two-Piece Assembly
- Adjustable Airslots
- High-Quality Stainless Steel material 
- CNC Engraved

Package Includes:
- 1- 528 Customs Goon LP RDA
- 1 -ULTEM Cap Assembly
- 1 -Squonk Ready 510 Pin
- Spare O-Ring and Screw Pack

- It has a unique design
- It has a good performance
- It has a simple and effective airflow system
- Extremely Durable and Heat Resistant

- Prone to leakage if you over drip

Phobia RDA - Vandy Vape
Vandy Vape is famous for providing products that liberate the vaping process. Designed and produced by Vandy Vape, the Phobia RDA is a versatile vape tank. It has both bottom and side airflow systems that aid in its efficiency. Also, it has replaceable drip tips and lubes. These features make it easy for you to access the airflow cap and the Ultem drip tip. If you would like to have a memorable vape experience, this is the best high wattage vape tank that doesn't leak. It has all the qualities that you can desire in a rebuildable vape tank.

- Replaceable lubeSide 
- Replaceable drip trips
- Single coil / Dual coil system
- M4 screw
- Squonk pin
- Detachable structure
- Side and bottom air-flow system

Package Contains
- 1 x Blue screwdriver
- 1 x Phobia RDA
- 1 x Drip tip
- 3 x O-rings
- 1 x Allen key
- 1 x Airflow cap
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Accessory bag
- 1 x 510 drip tip adapter

- Easy to build
- Squonk ready
- Available in several flavors
- It provides an excellent vaping experience

- Seeping through the airflow

Geek Vape Loop 24MM RDA  
The Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA is one of the latest and best vape tanks that doesn't leak. The Loop V1.5 dual coil DTL RDA features a squonk pin and is available in several colors, including SS, gunmetal, rainbow, black, blue, and gold. This product is created with the vaper's needs in mind. It focuses on the flavor and overall vaping experience. It also takes into consideration heat dissipation since it is the same factor that helps to preserve the quality of your wicks' device.

Package Includes:
- 1x Allen Key
- 1x Extra 510 Drip Tip
- 1x BF Pin
- 1x Geekvape Loop RDA
- 1x User manual

- Great build quality
- Affordable
- Available in 6 Color options 
- Easy to adjust airflow
- Good over-drip system
- Easy to drip down the middle to refill
- Plenty of spare o-rings
- Attractive design
- The top cap locks into place
- AFC easy to adjust

- Big builds can cause the top cap to overheat

Fog City RTA - Gemz
If you are looking for the best flavor vape rebuildable tank that doesn't leak, this should be your go-to device. Waste no time and add it to your collection if you desire to have the best vaping experience than before. The Fog City RTA is 24mm in diameter and has a juice tank that can hold up to 3ml of e-liquid juice. It is suitable for sports activities and travel expeditions since it is anti-leak proof, and it can also act as an RDA when the oil chamber is removed. If you are looking for the best vaping experience, try the Fog City RTA vape product.  

Spec/ Features:
- Tank Capacity of 3ml
- Stainless steel chassis 
- 510 threading connection
- Diameter of 24mm

Package Contains:
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Vaping Wipes
- 1 x Fogcity RTA
- 1 x Set of DIY Tools
- 2 x 3.5mm 24ga coils
- 1 x Glass Tube

- Convenient since it has a large filling hole
- It can be used as RDA 
- It has an adjustable bottom airflow

- Expensive but worthwhile

Lyche RBA Head - Eleaf
The Lyche RBA Heads- just as its name suggests, has support built in it. In turn, this makes it easy for you to navigate through this device as it is easy to use. The parts are easy to understand and configure, meaning you will have an easy time as you start your vaping session. Lyche RBA Head has a PEEK insulator and comes with a two-post deck. These ensure that your device is long-lasting and effective for a long time. For these reasons, it's the best vape rebuildable tank that doesn't leak.

- Has a Stainless Steel & Glass Construction
- Has a 4.0ml Tank Capacity
- Has an adjustable Top Airflow Holes
- Has a Side Fill
- Bottom Cup Design
- 0.25ohm 316L Stainless steel 
- 0.25ohm 316 Stainless steel 

Package Contains 
- An Alen Key
- Two Replacement Screws
- Lyche Atomizer
- One Notch Coil 0.25ohm Head
- One Dual Coil 0.25ohm Head
- A Rebuildable Head
- 2 x Spare Hex Screws
- A User Manual

- Easy to replace the coil without Emptying E-Liquid
- Compatible with Lyche Tank
- Suitable for use with 3 and 6mg Nicotine Strength E Liquids
- Features a Sleek Gold/Silver Finish
- Has a high performance
- It is affordable
- The Two-Post Deck makes it east to constructible

- Not suitable average and beginner vapers