If you’ve been vaping for some time, chances are that you’ve become accustomed to certain experiences and key details delivered by your setup of choice. Whether it’s in the context of your mod wattage or coil tightness, there are many factors you need to deal with when finding that “perfect” vaping experience. 

With temperatures rising during in the summer, there are additional considerations to help keep your vaping sessions remain consistently excellent. In fact, there’s one critical matter that you’ll need to look into: keeping your e-liquid cool in the midst of extreme heat.

Why It Pays to Keep Your Smokables at the Right Temperature
For most vapers, the concept of storing e-liquid at the right temperature and keeping things cool often goes unnoticed until they learn about it the hard way. You shouldn’t wait for your vape juice to be damaged before doing anything about it! 

Like most liquids, vape juices are temperature-sensitive. They have various components that affect qualities like flavour, cloud thickness, and the like.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the need to keep everything in check when it comes to temperature. Mismanaging e-liquids can lead to subpar hits and other dangers. 

The Care and Maintenance of Vape Juice
Unless you want to put your body at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals or hurting your throat with poor-quality e-liquid flavours, it’s absolutely essential to stay safe while vaping in the summer by doubling down on your storage measures. If this is your first time considering the details involved with keeping your vape liquid in ship shape during the summer, here are key considerations you should watch out for: 

1. Actual Temperature
Before we go on about keeping your e-juice safe in the right conditions, we need to talk about the most important factor that will affect its quality: the temperature itself.

Weather conditions are wildly unpredictable, and outdoor temperatures can range from mild to scorching during the summer months. It’s essential to shield your e-liquids from these extreme swings in heat. Ideally, you should keep your prized, vape-able possessions at temperatures lower than 40 degrees celsius. 

When you fail to keep your liquid at the right temperature, you can run into various issues such as: 

·Deterioration in overall quality
·Changes in colour and viscosity
·Breakdown in nicotine content
·Significant flavour changes

2.Storage Matters
Apart from temperature, another critical factor that you’ll need to consider is the manner in which you store your e-liquids.

Generally, bottles of e-liquid are best put in areas like cupboards, medicine cabinets, or drawers which are all cool, dry places that are not hit directly by sunlight. If you want to double down on maintaining the quality of your juice, however, you can put your bottles in the fridge.

In the hotter times of the year, you should be mindful of how you store your bottles of e-juice. After all, they are key to your enjoyment of every hit from your vape. The tips and tricks mentioned above will allow you to keep your prized liquids in tip-top shape so you can enjoy them to their full potential!