The Benefits of Regulated and Unregulated Vape Mods in the UK

Vaping is relatively new and young in the scene of the United Kingdom. The British used to be heavy smokers, and some still are despite the exorbitant prices of a single pack nowadays. Not only are people switching their cigarette habits because of the prices, but they’re also more inclined to take care of their health. While vaping is still young and clinical studies haven’t truly proved its effects on health, it’s still known to be much better than the chemicals and tar from cigarettes. 

However, there’s always going to be notoriety in the vape community, whether you’re buying products in America or from a vape shop in Greenwich, London. Any purveyor worth buying from will always carry regulated mods because of the safety precautions set by the government surrounding their use. It’s not suitable to utilise unregulated products because of the dangers they have to your safety and health.

Preface: Notes About Unregulated Products
Unregulated products like vape mods and tanks are by no means illegal. It’s stated that these have safety precautions stamped onto them because most vape products are actually legal in the UK nowadays. These products are called unregulated because of the dangerous modifications made to the circuitry to have different settings. If anything goes wrong and you get hurt, you might not be able to make claims regarding the device’s use because it was improperly modified past the manufacturer’s set specifications. 

The Benefits of Regulated Mod Use
If you buy products like the Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod in the UK, you’ll have a wonderful time setting it up and using it as intended. It’s a great beginner mod and has good battery life, safety features, and won’t break the bank. Charging this device is easy and will be a good way to dip your feet into the world of vapes. Some vape products that are regulated also have nicely-made digital displays that make using the mod straightforward and easily accessible. 

Provided you don’t make any large modifications to the wattage, power consumption, and other ways to make the vape run over what is intended, you’ll be safe from any potential harm. Your local vape shop in Greenwich, London will always advise you to stick to a comfortable wattage within a specific range and use only specific products to change the coil and cotton. However, as time progresses, people might want more from their mods, making them shift to unregulated products to fill the gap. 

The Benefits of Unregulated Mod Use
Unregulated mods are generally better to use compared to regulated ones because they give advanced users more freedom and control over their settings. These mods typically have increased voltage and wattage output settings, which can allow lower oHm coils to be installed for a whole new vaping experience. 

Those who love customising their vape products to fit their standards will enjoy unregulated mods. Different power outputs mean that upgrading battery performance can be done to create thicker clouds with more flavour, but be advised that this is a job for advanced DIY modders. If you’ve been in the vape scene long enough, you can start to experiment with unregulated mods. However, be aware that any damages or harm caused to you or others will likely be slapped to your name, which means harsh penalties or payments for medical bills. 

Whether you choose regulated or unregulated mods for your vape experience, they both produce good clouds that have great flavours. Vaping is an incredible experience that allows users to customise their entire unit, and you’ll definitely enjoy either product. If you want a relaxed vaping experience, you’ll do fine with regulated products. If you’re a chaser of excitement and modifications to tinker with, unregulated mods are your go-to products.