For nearly every vaper, nothing makes the experience of puffing exciting and relaxing than the clouds they get to blow out. This is why cloud chasing itself is a special sub-interest for many!

Although you may think that you’re into vaping because you like the flavour that comes with every hit or you’re looking to quit smoking entirely, it’s hard to deny that clouds are fun to make as well. After watching cloud chasers in action and seeing the magic they can make with a few watts of power and the right VG/PG ratio, you’re bound to want to take it a bit more seriously sooner or later. 

Considering that cloud chasing itself is as amazing to watch as it is difficult to pull off, you’re likely up for the challenge of doing it yourself. But given all this talk about thicker puffs and better cloud thickness, you might have one question in mind that needs to be answered: What are the best vapes for cloud chasing?

What Is Cloud Chasing?
Cloud chasing is a sub-skill of vaping that involves using a vape or device to exhale large volumes of vapour as compared to regular or recreational hits. Generally, this particular task is affected by technique, the device used, and the environment that the puffs are performed in.

Depending on the vaper’s skill, clouds can be blown into different shapes and sizes while performing various tricks (such as the “jellyfish” or the “vortex”). In recent years, interest in the sub-skill in question has shot up dramatically, thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok, where expert vapers perform their tricks for millions of viewers to see! 

Finding the Perfect Vape for Thicker Clouds
While most people believe that cloud chasing is a matter of skill alone, any proper-minded vaper should understand that many tricks that are performed can be pulled off because of the kind of vape used. 

When it comes to choosing a fit-for-purpose device that’s perfect for the sub-skill in question, there are a few criteria that any vaper should watch out for:  

·It should make it easy to change the density of the vapour they inhale
·It should give a range of options
·It should have the power and capacity to deliver consistently thick clouds without a long pull
·Considering that there is an increasingly wide range of devices on the market to choose from, it’s critical to build a set-up that can fulfil the three criteria mentioned above. To help you around during your search on shop for the right components, here’s a list of key factors that will allow you to achieve the best and thickest clouds:

Sub-ohm Capacity
One of the most important components for cloud chasing that any interested vaper should watch out for is the factor of sub-ohm capacity. 

When you build a set-up that can put out thick and dreamy clouds, you need to start things off by installing a special coil with your device with a resistance level under one ohm. This is so important because having a sub-ohm capacity helps increase your temperature and power output, making it easier for a greater volume of e-liquid to be heated at a much higher temperature!

Extended Tank
As any expert would say: with more e-liquid comes more (and thicker) clouds—which is why it’s important to have an extended tank. With an increased tank size, you’ll be able to produce the necessary volume of clouds with each puff while leaving more in the tank!

Customisable Settings
Another critical factor to consider if you’re looking to puff some chase-worthy clouds is the need for customisable settings. Generally, the only way to have customisable settings with your vaping set-up is to get a mod that will let you change your wattage so that you can control the rate at which your juice is heated up. Fortunately, many of today’s mods come equipped with tweakable settings that can be changed with a button or tap! 

While the experience of vaping is already great fun in itself, delving into cloud chasing presents a host of exciting experiences that will allow you to make the most out of your sessions even more. Once you build the perfect set-up, you’ll be able to get better hits and thicker clouds from the get-go and experience an entirely different dimension of enjoying your vape!