A vape tank, or clearomizer, refers to the e-liquid storage in your vape kit. Over time, an overused vape tank can lead to signs of deterioration that will affect your overall vaping experience. Besides giving you a bad taste of a freshly bought e-juice, you're also effectively wasting a new batch without experiencing its authentic flavour. This is why it's important to determine when your vape kit's parts will break down and require replacing.

Does your vape kit need a new vape tank?
The longer you use your vape kit, the more you'll understand how it should work and feel with every puff. Since you have the freedom of upgrading different parts, you'll be familiar when it's working its best. Alternatively, you'll also notice when your vape kits are being a bit off. It's best to give your vape kit a deeper look to confirm if you'll need to prepare for replacements for these situations.

Before you use your vape kit any further, here are four warning signs that should make you double-check your vape tank:

1. Broken atomizer coil
Your vape tank's atomizer coil heats the e-liquid and transforms it into vapour. Unfortunately, your tank can physically look undamaged but lack in performance. This can be due to a broken atomizer coil. Thankfully, you don't have to replace your entire vape tank to fix this issue. You can purchase vape coils separately. Replacing your vape coil itself is a mandatory practice you should do at least once every month or so.

2. Stale vape taste
If you're keeping your e-juice bottles in good storage conditions, but you end up getting a dull flavour., the issue may be with your vape tank instead. A decent sign that you need a vape tank replacement is a stale taste from your vapour, especially if you're using fruit variants of e-juices. Your vape tank can noticeably affect the taste you experience during a vape session, either through leaks, burnt coils and other causes.

3. Thinning vapour
Some vape kit configurations allow you to adjust your vaping experience by taste and vapour density. These vape kits can burn their batteries and e-liquid stock faster but make you puff thicker clouds of vapour for a more immersed taste. If your vapours become thinner with no adjustments to your battery's output and e-liquid content, you may need a new vaping tank.

4. Dark e-juice colour
Even for heavy-flavoured juices like grape and chocolate e-juice variants, the liquid inside your vape tank should still appear light. If you notice that the colours are getting darker, it may indicate a buildup of e-juice gunk. This is the byproduct of burning your fluid that appears as moist deposits of used-up flavour. Its presence in your vape tank can make the entire liquid darker, leading to a more diluted taste overall. Thankfully, you don't have to purchase a vape tank to remedy this issue. Giving your vape tank a deep clean is a viable solution, as long as there aren't other complications with it.

Swapping out different components of your vape kit is a mandatory routine you'll develop over time. Although individual parts aren't necessarily too expensive, you still need to watch your spending habits. For this reason, it's vital to replace broken pieces at the right time from the right vape part suppliers.