SMOK Nord 2 Setup Instructions

Releasing more products than ever, SMOK never seems to pull its foot off the gas. Yet again, it has developed another fascinating vaping device, and this time it is the SMOK Nord 2, an updated version of the original Nord Pod System. What the new SMOK Nord 2 Kit offers is the same Nord experience you’ve come to know and love but with greater performance, better functionality, and the same great convenience.
If you’ve just picked up one of these remarkably crafted compact devices that are engineered for performance, we’re sharing SMOK Nord 2 Setup Instructions that you get into the swing of things from the very moment you open the package.

Setup Instructions

Turning The Device ON:
The SMOK Nord 2 Pod System is made to be very easy to use. The functionality of the device is simple, as it only contains a single firing button that also controls the rest of the device. All of the functions of the device can be selected using the firing button. To turn the device on or off, press the firing button 5 times within 2-seconds of one another. After you fast-press the firing button, a white LED light will flash 3 times letting you know that the device is ON and ready to use.

Installing or Removing A Coil:
Before you begin using the device, you must first install a new coil or if the pod already has a coil installed, you will need to remove it to prime the coil. To install a coil, pull the pod from the device, turn it upside down, and on the bottom, there is a coil slot to simply push the coil in. The pod has a plug-n-play coil design that makes the process really easy and convenient. To remove the coil, pull the coil head up from the bottom of the pod.

Priming The Coil:
With the pod not in the device, simply locate the bottom of the pod, pull the coil out, then apply a couple of drops onto the wicking slots, ensuring that the cotton is saturated before you ever use it. Once the cotton looks like it is soaked enough, push the coil back into the bottom of the pod all the way.

Filling The Pod:
Before you insert the pod back onto the device, you will need to fill the pod with e-liquid since it has a side-fill silicone plug design. Locate the silicone plug located on the side of the pod, then pull open the plug, and lastly, pour e-liquid into the fill hole. As you would expect, you can then push the plug back in and insert the pod onto the device.

Inserting The Pod:
The next step is to insert the pod back onto the device. This is of course very simple since the pod utilizes magnets for easy pod installation. Both the bottom of the pod and the inside of the device have magnets. When you push the bottom towards the top of the device, it will be pulled into place and provide a secure connection you can rely on.

Adjusting The Wattage:
Believe it not but the SMOK Nord 2 has an adjustable wattage feature, which allows you to set the device to a specific power to gain even more performance. To adjust the wattage, start by pressing the firing button 3 times. This will activate the power setting and the wattage value will start flashing on the display screen. Click or long-press the power button to adjust the wattage from 1 watt to 40 watts. Once you reach 40 watts, the number will cycle back to 1 watt.

Utilizing The Display Screen:
While the original SMOK Nord Kit was impressive, the new SMOK Nord 2 Kit is even better, and a lot of that comes from the new display screen. The Nord 2 now comes equipped with a 0.69-inch screen that you will want to utilize to better improve your experience.

Vaping The SMOK Nord 2 Pro:
Since you have everything ready to go, all you have to do now is pressing the firring button, hold it, and inhale from the top duckbill mouthpiece.