SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit Preview

Building a foundation of collections within its brand, SMOK has captured the eyes of thousands of people by developing innovative products that rest in each one. The RPM Series has become one of its most successful collections of products due to their much larger reach when it comes to audiences. These products have a way of attracting those who search for convenience, comfort, advanced features, and performance all-in-one. We’ve seen them headed in this direction when they released the SMOK RPM80 Pro just months ago. The latest device checks off each trait on the list are the SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit.
The SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit is the next addition to the RPM Series, offering solid construction, superior comfort, and convenience that you would find from a pod-based device, while also boasting an incredible battery capacity and massive performance that can only be achieved from a mod, until now. The SMOK RPM160 is a new device category of its own.

SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit Preview
The RPM160 Pod Mod stands at 125mm by 45mm by 28.2mm, making it much larger than your average pod system, yet maintaining the level of comfort. It offers incredible durability since it’s constructed of a zinc-alloy & carbon fiber material to make up its chassis. Externally, you’ll notice an intuitive firing button, two adjustment buttons, and a 0.96-inch TFT display screen with incredible visuals. The bottom of the device has a hinged battery bay, which accepts dual 18650 batteries for incredible battery capacity.
The large capacity isn’t just to allow you to vape longer without recharging, it is added for the pure fact that the SMOK RPM160 kit utilizes the IQ-160 Chipset, which allows the device to reach upwards of 160W! It’s massive power that you can reach with just an adjustment of the button. Alongside the advanced chipset, you will find amazing features you wouldn’t typically run into when using a pod mod. For instance, it has fast firing speeds of 0.001s, intelligent atomizer recognition, a variable wattage mode, and a full protection suite to ensure both you and the device are protected at all times.

The best part about the SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod is that you get the large battery capacity, the high wattage output, and a 7.5mL pod capacity. Its capacity is quite larger than even your big vape mods, yet still maintains the comfort and convenience of using an actual pod. The device uses both the RPM and RGC 7.5mL pod, while the RGC Pod features adjustable airflow control. It also has a top fill system with a silicone stopper to further increase the convenience of using what is essentially a pod system. To take advantage of the performance capabilities, the SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod uses the 0.15-ohm RPM160 NiCr Mesh Coil, which delivers an outstanding flavor and vapor production.

The SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit is the next wave of convenient vape devices. It’s in an era where manufacturers are combining the heart of a pod system with that of a true mod, which is all about large battery capacity, a large vape juice capacity, and a massive power output. If you are someone who just wants more of a beefy pod system or have been taking advantage of Sub-Ohm Salts Vape Juice, you are going to love the new SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit.