A Complete Guide To The SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit

When it comes to vaping, we’re greedy, we want it all, and we never stop looking for the perfect device that can deliver us everything we had hoped for. We love the power and technology of mods, yet we’re captivated by the convenience and simplicity of pod systems. Fortunately, manufacturers are always thriving in the heat of the moment to one-up the next competitor, therefore we consistently face a surge of new devices that seem to roll out almost every other week, at least it seems that way. With that said, the latest development to fulfill our greed is the SMOK RPM40 RBA Pod Kit, a device taking a bit from both worlds to deliver power, technology, functionality, convenience, and simplicity all-in-one monumental device.

About The SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit

Designed to be a cross between a mod and a pod system, what’s known as the “RPM” or “Real Pod Mod” has become the highlight of the vaping market. It features a compact design of 99mm by 25mm by 25mm and boasts a zinc alloy chassis that is very durable. It comes equipped with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery and utilizes the IQ-R Chipset, which gives it the ability to fire upwards of 40W. It has a low firing speed of 0.0015s, and offers a puff counter, a full protection suite, and even has a 0.96″ TFT display screen. The pod portion of the device is compatible with both the RPM Pod and Nord Pod, which has a 4.3ML capacity (RPM), and a 4.5ML capacity (Nord).

RPM40 Compatibility
The SMOK RPM40 Pod System has been designed to be compatible with both the RPM Pod and the Nord Pod. The RPM Pod was made specifically for the RPM device, while the Nord Pod was designed so that the RPM device is compatible with new and existing Nord coils. There are many coils that are compatible, which all exist within the RPM and Nord list of coils.
Included in the kit is the Mesh 0.4-ohm SMOK RPM Coils that delivers incredible airflow, offers a high-performance output, and helps better pronounce the intended flavor of e-liquid. A 0.6-ohm Nord DC Coil is also included. It has a dual coil configuration, features a nice, more restricted airflow compared to the mesh, yet respectively offers a great output combined with phenomenal flavor. While they aren’t included in the RPM40 Kit, there are several coil options to choose from, such as the 0.6-ohm RPM Triple Coil, the 1.0-ohm RPM SC Coil, 1.2-ohm RPM Quartz Coil, and 0.6-ohm RPM RBA that will be released soon, along with the compatible Nord Coils.

RPM40 Operation Guide

How To Turn The Device ON/OFF: To turn the device on, simply press the firing button 5 times quickly. Repeat the process to turn the device off.
How To Activate The Device: To activate or power the device (to vape), press the firing button down and hold. Release and press the firing button down and hold again to take another draw. If you hold the power firing button down longer than 8 seconds, the device will be forced to stop supplying power.
How To LOCK/UNLOCK The Screen: While the device is turned on, press the firing button 3 times quickly to lock the screen. Repeat the same process to unlock the screen
How To LOCK/UNLOCK The Power: While the device is turned on, press both adjustment buttons at the same time to lock the wattage. Repeat the same process to unlock the wattage.
How To Adjust The Wattage: While the device is turned on, to adjust the wattage, simply press either adjustment button to increase or decrease the wattage number.
How To Reset The Puff Count: While the device is turned on, press the firing button and left the adjustment button to clear or reset the puff count.
How To Change The Display Color: While the device is turned on, press the firing button and right adjustment button to change the display color.