Learning to vape is like learning to tend a delicate garden… Too much? Okay, maybe. But like anything good in life, there’s a learning curve to really getting it right. Many vapers,, especially vaping newbies, ask why vaping can cause a sore throat. Yes, it sucks that something so tasty and fun can cause your throat pain, but don’t let that deter you!

Common Reasons You Might Have A Sore Throat From Vaping
•   Tobacco Cessation –If you’ve recently quit smoking, you may be experiencing a phenomenon known as cessation. It’s a form of withdrawal from smoking traditional cigarettes, and among many side-effects, it can make your throat exceptionally sore. If you wait it out, your mouth and throat will get back to feeling like normal shortly.
•   Too Much PG – Propylene Glycol (PG) is the good stuff. It’s one of the thinner bases in e-liquids and helps to provide a nice throat hit. Unfortunately, PG has a higher rate of sensitivity and can cause your throat to feel extra dry at first. Keep a bottle of water handy until you and your mouth get used to vaping. If you’re still having problems with a sore throat and phlegm, try changing up the percentage of PG in your e-liquid or get VG e-liquid.
•   Empty Cartridge –If you’re still using a cartomizer system, you may be using your cartridges too long and “burning out” your cartridges. Inhaling on an empty cartridge can scratch the throat. 
•   Dry Hits –These are the worst. If you’ve ever been vaping and experienced a hot burning that stings the throat, you’ll never forget what a dry hit is. While it’s not exactly like having a sore throat, it sure burns your throat for a few minutes.

How Do I Cure A Sore Throat From Vaping?
One of the best things you can do for a sore throat from vaping is to hydrate with water, warm teas, or anything that will soothe your throat. Most likely, you’re having a small reaction to your new vaping hobby. Give it time, and you’ll learn what adjustments you need to make to suit you best.

As you’re continuing to learn about vaping, check out our blog for more tips and tricks. And remember, sometimes a sore throat can be caused by an outdated mod and tank. Make sure you’re using VaporFi’s high-quality e-liquids and electronic cigarettes to avoid sore throats and other common issues. Sometimes a harsh vape can be caused by an outdated mod and tank. It’s worth seeing what else is out there.