Recently, we posted about the Basics of Vaping Hygiene and how to stay healthy this flu season. Well let’s also take a brief moment and talk about a similar subject: the issue of e-liquid contamination.

Believe us when we say it’s not our intention to get you paranoid about transmitting germs when vaping. It’s just that people all across the globe are mixing and distributing DIY e-liquid with little to no education on their product, specifically the dangers of contaminated e-liquid if not mixed correctly.

Should Vapers be Worried?
Should vapers concern themselves over e-liquid contamination? The short answer—yes.

Not only can vapers be put at risk by poor manufacturing conditions due to a lack of sanitation, dust and other particles—some of which may be bacterial in nature and transmit viruses—but also the accuracy of the ingredients going into the mix may not be as exact as you’d think. From a taste-perspective, this can leave more to be desired; from a sanitation perspective, it can possibly lead to failures in safety.

Whether its food, drinks or cigarettes, we should always be aware of the substances we are putting into our body. In fact, it is this very concern that drives many former smokers to switch to an electronic smoking alternative in the first place.

So when vapor smokers ask stores to be open and honest about what goes into their e-liquid and how they make it, that is certainly their right.

Because of this, if you look around you’ll find that many companies now make known what percentages of PG/VG they use and the nicotine content, but very few stores talk about the environment where their e-liquid is mixed and where their ingredients come from.