Can You Use Google, Apple Pay & PayPal to Purchase Vape Products?

Google Pay, PayPal & Apple Pay to Purchase Vape Products
Trying to pay for something but realised you’ve forgotten your wallet? Who cares – it’s 2022 after all!

Gone are the days when we had just two options – cash or credit/debit cards – to make our purchases. These days there are numerous ways to pay for goods and services, with the likes of Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal among the many mobile payment services now in existence.

Each of them promises to make purchases faster and more convenient, but if you’re one of the millions who now use these mobile payment services, you might be aware of restrictions that are in place on some items.

Restricted Items
In most cases these restrictions are sensible and in place to protect the buyer and prevent the service being used for illegal activity. For instance, customers are banned from using the services to pay for any illegal items such as prohibited drugs and firearms – and quite rightly so!

But on the list of restricted items are some legal products, too. And if you’re hoping to use Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal to purchase your vape products then sadly you’ll be unable to complete your transaction as these are among the prohibited items.

Apple Pay’s terms and conditions states retailers should not incorporate the service into their website if they “offer transactions involving  tobacco, marijuana, or vaping products”, while Google Pay’s terms of use state “we don’t allow tobacco, any products containing tobacco or which directly facilitate tobacco consumption, or any products designed to simulate tobacco smoking (including e-cigarettes) to be the subject of Google Pay for Business Offers.”

It’s a shame to see vape products being lumped in with tobacco and marijuana, but if those are the rules these companies want in place then sadly we can’t do much about it other than hope they see sense soon enough!

Thankfully, when it comes to paying for e-liquid and other vape products, there are alternatives to Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal. Visa and MasterCard have no restrictions on vape products in place, so you’re free to use your debit card to pay for your goods.

Likewise, Klarna has taken a more measured approach to vape products, with no rules preventing their purchase in place. What’s more, you can also pay at a later date with no interest. So if you’re struggling to afford your next batch of e-liquid or you’d sooner hold off paying for your goods until a later date, Klarna is the ideal payment service to use.