Geek Bar Asks UK Authorities to Take Action Against Illegal Vapes

Geek Bar is urging UK authorities to encourage retailers to report any distributors selling illicit vapes. 

In the UK disposable vapes are only allowed at a nicotine limit of 20mg. However vaping products which do not meet UK standards (such as ones having a nicotine content of over 20mg) are making their way into unsuspecting convenience stores. This is coinciding with the booming demand for some disposable e-cigarette brands such as Elf Bar and Geek Bar, which some sellers are trying to capitalize on.

To this effect Geek Bar sent letters to trading standards in major UK cities outlining the issue, following a number of raids. Geek Bar chief executive Allen Young said that for the problem to minimized, collaboration between different parties is required. “It’s easy to blame the manufacturer, but these products are finding their way into the UK through customs and being sold in retail outlets across the country.”

“There needs to be more collaboration and enforcement involving all parties, including trading standards, the vaping industry, retailer trade associations and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.”