Since the introduction of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking and a faster way to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD and other chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant, people are quite concerned about the possible health hazards this activity may cause.
Every day, vaping industries receive questions like, can vaping make me high, is vaping safe for my health, is vaping legal, or can vaping cause cancer? These questions and more arise from the several misconceptions surrounding the use of vapes and the cannabis plant. In this article, we shall try to answer if vapes can cause cancer or not.

First, it is important to note that vapes are safe and are not necessarily linked to the feelings of euphoria associated with cannabis. Vapes have been identified by researchers as a safer alternative to smoking and may even provide a good level of relief for people who suffer from smoking addiction.

Although vaping is quite new, it is quite unclear if it is capable of causing cancer or any other adverse disease condition. While the world keeps clamoring about the possibility of vaping to cancer, the scientific community believes this claim is baseless as no data points to such research.

One other factor that makes it quite impossible to determine if vapes can cause cancer is the previous lifestyle adopted by vapers. A good percentage of vapers have been identified as former smokers who decided to seek solace in vaping. A 2018 research study reported that only about 15% of vapers have never used cigarettes before.

How likely is vaping able to cause cancer?
This is a game of numbers and pure prediction. At the time of writing this article, there are little to no long term studies on the effects of vaping on the body. The ability of vapes to cause cancer lies in the aim of use. Scientists believe that if you are using vapes to quit smoking cigarettes, then it can decrease your risk of coming down with cancer. If you’ve never smoked cigarettes before and you try to use vapes, some researchers believe this is increasing your overall chance of developing cancer. Another 2018 study shows how vaping poses fewer health risks than smoking cigarettes.

Bottom line
For now, there is little to no information on the long-term effects of vapes on the body. Until then, we can only guess the possible outcome/side effect of using vapes.