The rising demand for vapes and electronic cigarettes has also increased the demand for the mailing of vaping cartridge all over the world. People across the globe are trying to keep a healthier lifestyle and to improve their wellbeing. With this and many more reasons, people have adopted vaping over traditional smoking.

When people decide to use vapes, they may be faced with the challenge of ordering their favorite vapes from another region. These products will need to be transported to the intending buyers to switch from smoking to vaping.

First, it is important to note that shipping vapes through the mail are possible, and in this article, we shall discuss how to ship your vape cartridges without troubles.

How to ship vape cartridges
Like what applies to other electronic devices, an online merchant should ensure that all the international and local rules and guidelines for mailing vape and e-cigs are adhered to. Lithium-ion batteries power these devices, and as such, there are strict guidelines that apply to them. If these batteries are mishandled, they are likely to explode. Here are some important factors to take note of if you intend to ship vape through the mail.

The item should be kept in its original box.
The boxes of e-cigarettes and vapes are usually designed to suit the devices. Hence, when packing the devices for shipping, it is advisable to keep it in its original packaging. This offers the items protection, and insurance coverage is validated.

The original box should be sealed.
After putting the cartridge in their original box, ensure that there is no space for a slight shift or even damage. If any, pad the item with a bubble wrap and ensure you seal the box properly and place it in another box to provide extra protection.

Ensure you seal the main shipping box
After you are sure that the original box fits in the shipping box, you will need to seal the whole package carefully. You use a good adhesive or rather a duct tape. Be sure that all openings are sealed up so that nothing can enter inside.

You have to weigh the package.
Measuring your package will help you in selecting which mailing service to opt for. Look for one that offers the best price and services to deliver the package.

Tag a shipping label
Be sure that you attach the correct address label to the package. This reduces the risk of losing the package in transit. It also makes it easier for the recipient to be reached. Ensure you print and attached the correct name to the package.

You can ship your vapes through mail as long as you the package is well sealed and transported according to the set down rules.