People who have vaped for long are likely to get tired of spending money on e-liquid to refill their vape pen. Hence, many would prefer making theirs. Mixing your e-juice is dependent on how much knowledge you have. It could either be frustrating or fun to make. Whether you have tried it or not, the steps below will guide you through the process of making your vape juice.

The ingredients you will need
You will need some instruments and the following ingredients to begin the process. This includes vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Empty bottles, Syringes, Gloves, Measuring jug. Vendors of e-liquid usually stock the equipment used. You can get yours too.

Be warned of the following.
Ingredients like Nicotine need to be handled with caution. You must wear gloves whenever you are handling them. In case the Nicotine accidentally spills on you, you will need to wash it thoroughly. If you have never smoked and about trying vaping, it is advisable to keep Nicotine out of your mixture. There is no point in getting engaged with Nicotine when you can enjoy vaping without it.

Calculate your needed ingredients
After getting all your ingredients and set for mixing, you will need to get a calculator to know how much of each ingredient you should add. It is not that stressful; all you will need is to know the quantity of vape juice you are making.

Making your vape juice
After measuring and getting the quantities of each ingredient, you get your gloves on to begin your mixture. Use your syringe to put the VG and PG in an empty bottle. Add your flavoring and Nicotine, also add a lid and shake. Some vape the liquid immediately, but it is also wise to allow it steep in a warm place for some time or weeks.

What to do when you are done making your juice
You will first need to label it with, VG/PG ratio, Flavor percentage, and date created.  Save your recipes in a notebook. After steeping, you will also need to test the vape juice. This is to have an idea of how your vape juice tastes. This will help you avoid wasting your coils on the experiment that has failed. Storing your vape juice is also important. Sunlight, oxygen, and heat could harm your vape juice. Ensure they are also stored away from where children and pets can reach.

Making a vape juice is quite easy. Let us know if you have any questions on how to go about it. We will love to hear from you. Don’t forget to visit vape DIY websites for more ideas.