A Guide to Nic Shots and Shortfills

When you start vaping, there's a lot you need to learn, the topic of nic shots and shortfills will eventually come up, and they are likely going to feature as part of your vaping arsenal. A shortfill is a name given to a large bottle of e-liquid. A short fill bottle of e-liquid will provide enough room for you to add your nicotine, which is where the nic shot comes in. A nic shot, also known as a nicotine booster, is a bottle of nicotine mixed with PG and VG, and can only be added to nicotine 0 mg free e-liquid. When you add a nic shot to your juice, it gives your e-liquid that all-important dose of nicotine.

Nic shots come in different strengths. You can get a nic shot at 20 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 3 mg. E-liquid shortfill bottles go up to 200 ml in size. The shorftill bottles are always bigger to allow nic shots to be added to the e-liquid.

Why Was Shortfill E-Liquid Invented?
In 2016, the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) needed to ensure that products were sold were safe for all vapers, meaning that liquids with nicotine could not be sold in bottles bigger than 10 ml. Shortfill e-liquids came about as the rules of the TPD didn’t apply to nicotine-free e-liquids. Therefore, vape suppliers could sell larger e-liquid bottles so people didn't have to carry around lots of small bottles to get their nicotine fix.

What's the Difference Between a Shortfill E-Liquid and Vape Juice? 
The big difference between shortfill e-liquids and traditional vape juices that are shortfill e-liquids need to mix two components together so you have the nicotine content you desire. A shortfill e-liquid is great for someone who is looking to cut down on their nicotine intake gradually.

Who Would Benefit from Shortfills? 
Shortfill bottles are great for people who are looking to get a lot more e-liquid for less money. Shortfill bottles are also more cost-effective than purchasing nicotine e-liquid bottles. In addition, it is a very great choice for people who vape large amounts every day as 10 ml bottles can be frustrating to refill on the go. 

Shortfill e-liquids may not benefit you if you vape a high amount of nicotine. But nic shots that go into the shortfill bottle of e-liquid means that you have lower strengths of nicotine, which is perfect if you are trying to reduce your nicotine intake, or you don't vape huge amounts. Consider it a perfect way to reduce your nicotine intake while also making life easier for you.

How Do I Mix a Shortfill? 
Shortfill bottles are different to the 10ml bottles. To mix the e-liquid, open up a fresh bottle of nicotine-free juice, and squeeze your nicotine from the 10ml nicotine shot bottle. Close the top of the shortfill and shake it thoroughly to mix the liquids to guarantee you won't have a harsh flavour. When the bubbles have settled, you are ready to go! Make sure you wait up to an hour after adding the nic shot for the best results. To ensure your shortfill retains its strength, shake the bottle before every use. If you don’t shake it, the nicotine will settle at the bottom of the bottle. A nice shake guarantees a solid and flavoursome vape every time.

How Can I Get the Right Nicotine Level in My Shortfill? 
If you mix a 50ml bottle with a 10ml bottle of nicotine with an 18mg nicotine strength, this means you get a 3 mg strength shortfill. But if you choose a larger bottle, such as a 100ml, there is enough space for two nicotine shots, so that you can put two with the same 3 mg strength. Or if you prefer a milder strength, you can put half a shot in a 5ml bottle, giving you a 1.5 mg strength. Some bottles come with enough space for two nic shots but if you don't have enough, you can decant some of your nicotine-free liquid until there is enough space to put two in.

When it comes to enjoying your e-liquids, a shortfill can be a great way to add a little bit of nicotine to your e-liquid to get your desired strength. If you are someone who goes through a lot during the space of a day, it can help you and is also a cost-effective way to get e-liquid to get you what you need in the right strength to enjoy it as you want. Much like a fine wine, choosing the right level of e-liquid to nicotine ratio is going to make a massive difference to the quality of your vaping experience. All you need to do now is sit back, relax and enjoy the clouds!