Taking Your Vape to the Airport and Abroad: a Two-Stop Guide

If you are planning any trips in the near future, you want to know that you are able to vape in the right places. From the departure gates to the aeroplane and beyond, what are the rules of travelling and taking your vape abroad?

Can I Vape at the Airport? 
If you need to get your e-liquid fix before you get on the plane, unfortunately, vaping is banned in all UK airports. Upon arriving at the terminal, you cannot use your vape until you land at the destination and have found a designated area where you are allowed to use your e-liquid. This is usually away from the terminal. You should also check with the airport before you arrive to see if there are any specific vaping areas. You should also check each airline as they have their own specific set of rules with vaping and e-cigarettes. But the message is pretty clear across the board; you cannot use it at the airport, and make sure it stays in your hand luggage.

Can I Take My Vape Onto the Plane? 
You are allowed to take your vape onto the plane, but if you want to do this, it needs to go in your hand luggage or carry-on. Airlines do not allow e-cigarettes or vapes in the cargo hold. So if you put your vape in your checked baggage, this may result in a lot of delays. However, you can take your refills and pack them into the hold luggage. You should make sure these refills stay in a plastic bag or container. Because of the cabin air pressure changes, the tanks could leak. You are also allowed to take the e-liquid or juice onto a plane, but this will count towards your overall liquid limit. Carry-on luggage has a strict limit of any liquid, including e-liquid. If you need to take your vape juice onto the plane, make sure it doesn't exceed the carry-on limit of 100ml.

Can I Vape on the Plane? 
You cannot use your vapes on the plane in any circumstances. You need to carry your vape onto the plane for one very important reason. Lithium batteries are not allowed in the checked-in luggage. Lithium batteries, if they go into the cargo hold, could run the risk of being a fire hazard. And while you have a vape on you, you might think that you will be able to sneak a little drag here and there. But if you are caught vaping on a plane, you could face severe penalties. You may get arrested when you land at your destination or receive a lifetime ban from the airline. And if you think that you can go into the toilet, think again! There are detectors installed by airlines solely to identify people trying to vape on a plane. The best solution is to sit tight and wait until you land.

Can I Vape When I Land?
You need to check the rules of the airport that you are landing at There will be designated areas for each airport. However, it is best to ask when you land or make sure you research it beforehand. It is also important to consider know the local vaping laws. There are actually a lot of places that do not allow vaping at all. For example, Brazil and Mexico have completely banned the use of e-cigarettes, and many countries have specific rules on how large the device could be and if you can purchase e-liquids with nicotine. You can consult this guide to give you an insight into your chosen destination and its laws on e-cigarettes.

One Last Thing
Most people are on the lookout for a warm holiday to relax and vape, but be careful with your vape. The heat is not very good for it. It can harm the battery and the liquid. Also, if you have a very specific flavour choice, the flavour could change when it comes into contact with the scorching heat and can leave the liquid a lot runnier, affecting how it is vaporised and the potency of the nicotine. If you are heading to a very hot country, you may want to keep your e-liquid in the fridge to keep it fresh. Also, be aware that if you charge your battery over 38 degrees C, it may struggle to stay alive for long periods of time. Keep it out of direct sunlight and find the best ways to keep it cool. So if you are at the beach and you need a puff, keep it in a plastic bag!