7 Unlikely Benefits Of Vaping

Nobody ever likes to consider the benefits of vaping. Not entirely surprising when people already made up their minds. It’s always the downsides that get blown up in the media:
·Vaping is bad for your health (and more dangerous than we realized)
·A vape is endlessly addictive (and there’s no treatment)
·Juul is destroying our youth (and congress is extremely worried)

Same old, boring narrative. Vaping has always been the scapegoat, from the moment of its inception. While it is actually a great way to reduce the smoking epidemic, among other things.

So for once, let’s try and see if there are any positive things that came from the vaping scene. Spoiler alert: There definitely are.

I’ve written this article as a protest against mainstream media, who always seems to focus on vaping in a negative light. To counter their message, I’ve compiled 7 major benefits of vaping for you. And no, I’m not *only* going to compare vaping to smoking. So let’s get those benefits out of the way first.

1. Vaping is healthier than smoking
Regular cigarettes produce over 7000 chemicals when burned, of which almost 70 substances are known to cause cancer. Contrary to popular belief, there is no proof that vaping can cause cancer in any way. But there are so many other health benefits when comparing vaping to smoking:
·Reduced risk of heart diseases
·Reduced risk of lung diseases
·Reduced risk diabetes type 2
·No more negative reproductive effects
·No risk of blindness
·No more teeth stains and other dental problems
·No more bad breath
And those are just some examples. This list could be a lot longer. It’s more than obvious that there is a significant health benefit from making the switch to a vape pen. Even if that would mean vaping nicotine-rich e-juice!
While scientific research is still in the early stages, preliminary results are promising. Vaping is a proven, useful weapon against the smoking epidemic (and a very effective one at that).


Obviously, it would be better to quit inhaling smoke altogether. But we don’t live in a perfect world. There are people that already formed smoking habits, and they need a replacement. Vapes can give smokers that much-needed replacement.
This stuff makes me so sad to think about. E-cigarettes are a lot less harmful than smoking, yet nobody believes it. You might even call it a public health tragedy. There are plenty of people that believe nicotine causes cancer, and vape juice contains nicotine. Ergo, vaping causes cancer. It’s simply not true guys.
Anyway, let’s move on to the financial side of the story, because smoking is an expensive hobby. Vaping costs money as well, but it’s significantly cheaper. Honestly, it’s as expensive as you want to make it.

2. Vaping is cheaper than smoking
An average cigarette smoker buys a pack of cigs at around $7 USD per pack in the United States. That’s about $2500 USD a year on average.
Let’s take the most expensive vaping option as a comparison, which would be to only use disposable vapes. That would cost you around $10 USD each with about 2.5 packs of cigarettes worth each in them. Total price per year? It would come down to about $1400 USD altogether.
But to be honest, no vaper would just use disposable vapes. Most would initially invest in a good vape setup, and continue to buy (rather cheap) e-liquid bottles after that.
Obviously, the vaping option is significantly cheaper than the ‘traditional’ cigarettes option.
And a side note: it also is much more effective in helping people quit smoking. For a large part, this has to do with the similarity of the experience, but also with the smell and taste improvement.

3. Vaping smells and tastes better
I’m sure you’ve been in the same room with a smoker before. It doesn’t take long before the putrid smell of cigarette smoke has penetrated the very core of your clothes.
It’s not only disgusting, but it’s actually physically harmful as well.
The cigarette smoke that gets stuck in clothes, furniture, ceilings, floors, and any object you can imagine is commonly referred to as third-hand smoke. It’s proven to be just as bad for you as inhaling the cigarette yourself. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
Compare that to the fruity, light scent of vape smoke. What a relief it was from the neverending putrid cigarette smell when I first got my hands on it. As a former smoker, I can safely say that getting rid of the smell ámd the taste is one of the best life-improvements of making the switch.

4. Vaping brings people together (big subculture)
Enough about smoking, let’s focus on the vaping subculture now. It’s a big group of people that love doing what they do. You don’t need to look far on the web to find large communities of vapers sharing all kinds of things. You name it, and it probably exists.
You got your flavor chasers discussing their favorite tastebud-tingling experience.
You got your cloud chasers doing all sorts of cool vape tricks, trying to vape the biggest and most badass clouds possible. Even starting get-togethers like cloud competitions.
You got your ex-smokers trying to celebrate phasing out tobacco from their lives. There’s plenty of Facebook groups that talk about making the switch.
But there are so many more types of people in this subculture, from Juul-lovers to vendors. And from those trying to create the ultimate setup, to those collecting the coolest e-juice bottles. I honestly don’t want to put them all in a certain corner.
People from all walks of life are interested in these products. The main thing that brings them together is their love for their vapes. And that’s what building a community is all about, isn’t it? There’s one thing they all seem to like, and that’s the ability to create a personal vaping experience.

5. Vaping is extremely customizable
There are all sorts of custom builds, cool Juul skins, or other ways to completely change up your experience. This is true for all components of your build. Even disposables often have a wide range of color options.
But even after you found the ultimate vape build, the customization doesn’t stop.
There are endless flavor choices and mixes to be explored in the world of e-liquids. The old tobacco doesn’t cut it anymore these days. And even the single flavors seem dull when you want a real flavor adventure.
It comes as no surprise that e-juice brands like Yami Vapor are extremely popular. Their complex flavor experience makes every rip from your vape a true experience. Let’s take Yami Vapor’s Icy Trio as an example (one of their best selling items). Here’s the flavor build-up you would experience:

First, a cold mint will punch your throat, but in a nice non-overpowering kind of way.
Almost immediately after you’ll get the lychee, which binds in really well with the other flavors.
The lychee will start to gradually shift to strawberry and kiwi, all of this happens in the background.
The flavors will stay in your throat for a bit after exhaling as well as a nice background taste.
And while this is just one of the more popular flavor experiences, you can easily imagine the customization of it all. It’s like cooking: take ingredients and flavor options until you have an amazing combination. And even after this is done, a process like steeping your e-juice can give a completely new experience once more.

6. Total control over nicotine intake
Sure, nicotine is a terrible, addictive substance that is bad for your health. But it’s the stuff smokers are addicted to as well. So why not decrease it over time in a simple, fun way?
Changing the nicotine levels on your e-juices is as simple as buying a new e-liquid bottle. Simply purchase e-juice with a lower nicotine content and you’re all set.
But before you start shouting about ‘how our youth’ is being fed a new addiction. Consider this. There are just as much zero nicotine flavor options out there as there are ones that do include nicotine as an ingredient.
So whatever you prefer, you may use. Ex-smokers can take the highest nicotine content bottles and work their way down, while non-smokers can happily keep using the no nicotine bottles. Personal choices were never this easy.

7. Essential oil vaping has real mental health benefits
For people struggling with anxieties and other mental problems, CBD vaping is a gift from the heavens. While regular CBD drops work, an acute panic attack needs an acute solution. Vaping CBD will bring the good stuff directly into the bloodstream, allowing a person with a panic attack to be cured on the spot.
Yes, vapes can be used as a nifty medical tool. At least in some cases.
It’s also a good solution for people with chronic depression who are in need of some mental relief. The effects of essential oil vaping should not be underestimated. And vaping CBD makes you feel like another person right away, even though it’s a temporary fix.
Contrary to popular belief (and what the media is trying to push on people), CBD oil doesn’t have much to do with getting high. In fact, it is impossible to get high from essential oil vapes. Which makes them an excellent candidate to help people that suffer from certain mental health conditions.

Exploring the benefits of vaping
Hopefully, the arguments made in this article have convinced you that it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to those little flavored smoke devices. And there are definitely more positive aspects that I didn’t touch upon:
·It’s simply very relaxing after a long workday
·You forget the problems of the world (if only for a little while)
·It’s fun to try new flavors
·E-juice bottles are great to collect
·Cloud chasing and vape tricks are an art form in itself
·And I could go on and on…

There are so many reasons people enjoy vaping. And I’m very curious to learn what yours is. Share your story in the comments below this article! Tell me why you started vaping, and what it did for you. Could be positive, could be negative. I don’t mind. I respect all opinions, even the ones I don’t necessarily agree with.

While I might seem biased towards the ‘pro-vape’ camp in this article, I am fully aware of the risks of vaping and the accompanying consequences. However, I do feel there are a lot of media channels that overstate the risks, which is harmful in itself. Making smokers believe vaping is just as bad for them is not only dangerous. But it’s also a criminal act in my opinion.

That’s why I wholeheartedly invite all smokers who read this to try vaping for themselves! Here is a good overview for you to get started on choosing the right vape gear. Hope it’s helping someone out there. And as always, vape on!