810 Drip Tip Vs. 510 Drip Tip Difference

Choosing drip tips might be a little confusing for beginners. Especially the difference between the 810 and 510 drip tip options. And what is a drip tip exactly, anyway? A drip tip is that little tube you put in your mouth while vaping. Without realizing, you probably touched lips with one more than you did with your significant other.
So, which one should you pick, the 810 or 510 drip tip variety? Let’s do a comparison between the two most commonly used drip tip standards in vaping. The main difference all depends on their size, as it turns out.

810 vs 510 Drip Tip Difference: Size Matters
If you’re been around the block a few times, you’ve probably moved on to a decent-sized vape setup. Maybe you’re jamming a powerful RDA setup, in which case you’ve been using the ‘new industry standard’, which is the 810 drip tip. In the early years (and for smaller vape setups right now), the 510 tips were the talk of the town.

So if you’ve got an old or small vape, chances are you have a longer and smaller tube you’re vaping with. That’s going to be a 510-type, must likely. The main differences can be found in the diameter sizes of the thread:
·510 drip tip: 8.5mm in diameter
·810 drip tip: 12.5mm in diameter
The choice between the different drip tip types will depend on the type of vape atomizer you’re currently using. As mentioned, older models will use the 510 standard, while most new models will utilize the more modern 810 standard. Here’s a visual representation of the differences:


510 Drip Tip Size
A 510 drip tip should have a diameter size of exactly 8.5mm. These drip tips are specially designed to be used in the older vape atomizer fittings. Alternatively, you may find these atomizer openings in smaller models, such as the Kanger Subtank or Protank.
A 510 drip tip is long and slim, compared to its (currently) more common 810 counterpart, which is comparatively wider and less tall. More details on the 810 variety can be found in the next section.

810 Drip Tip Size
The 810 drip tip variety should have a diameter size of exactly 12.5mm. This is the most commonly used size these days. It’s probably the variation you’re going to choose, if you’ve got a relatively new vape setup.
Most models that are 2 years old or newer will use this variety. Examples include the SMOK TFV8 and TFV12 series vape atomizer models.

Fun fact: Did you know that drip tips got their name from the fact that they were originally used to drip e-juice into the atomizer? With the progression of technology, this is no longer required, but the name always stuck around!

Different Drip Tip Materials
There is a wide range of materials which you can choose from, most of which come down to personal preference. The only way to figure out which material has your preference, is by actually trying to vape from them. All these materials are used regardless of them being either a 510-type or 810-type size.

Considering the relatively low price of vape drip tips, it’s not impossible to go ahead and try some of them until you found your ideal match. Here’s a list of the more commonly used materials for drip tips:

Obviously, most of these materials have their own look and feel to them. There’s almost an infinite amount of available color varieties, especially for the plastic ones. Also, it’s not uncommon for material to be combined into a hybrid of two or more different types.

Can You Install A 510 Drip Tip On A 810 Port Atomizer?
Let’s say you’ve got some old 510-types lying around and you prefer the nostalgic feeling of a smaller, longer tube to vape from. Lucky for you, it is certainly possible to use a 510 drip tip on an 810-compatible vape atomizer using a special 510 to 810 drip tip adapter.

More To Remember When Buying Drip Tips
It’s not just the size and compatibility that matters, but there are a few more things you should keep in mind when purchasing your new drip tips. Here’s a quick overview for your convenience:

·Make sure the material is heat resistant (since you don’t want to burn your lips while vaping). Don’t worry too much, most available ones are heat resistant by default;
·If you’re a cloud chaser, it might be important to check out the exact shape of the drip tip. Different types of tip shapes will impact the ability to produce the fattest clouds possible.
·Always take comfort into account, because chances are you want every time you inhale to be a joyful experience;

Want A Good Vape Setup With That Drip Tip?
The components discussed today were just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, because it will take a lot more choices from you to eventually create the ultimate vape setup. While you probably already have a setup lying around at home, there is always room for improvement.

But even when you’re convinced you purchased the ultimate setup, you still eventually want another setup for a completely new purpose! That’s exactly why we need to look beyond what you have now (and which drip tips you’re going to buy).

Lucky for you, I’ve set up a complete overview page for you where you’ll find a visual guide to the most popular vape categories. The images on this overview page will link to some of the best products you could choose from in the world of vaping. Make sure to check that out on your way back to where you came from. And as always, vape on!