6 Common Effects Of Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping CBD oil is gaining popularity, but little is known about the effects of dosing yourself with cannabidiol by means of vaping. What does it feel like and what are the benefits?

In truth, the reasons people take CBD substances are similar, whether you are vaping, using gummies or drops:
1.Relaxation and comfort
2.Pain relief
3.Reducing anxiety
4.Improved mood
5.For sleepiness (in high doses)
6.For alertness (in low doses)

The common myth that CBD oil can get you high has been as old as the industry itself. It showcases how little people know about the impact of the substance on the body.

This article will shed some light on what the real effects of vaping CBD oil are, especially compared to the act of vaping cannabidiol. While you already might be aware of some of them, odds are you will discover some interesting new consequences of taking a hit of the substance. Let’s dive right into it.

Difference In Effects Between CBD Vaping & Oil Drops
There are plenty of resources out there that will explain to you the effects of regular CBD oil drops. That’s totally fine, and it’s very useful for people that prefer doing those.

But how are the effects of CBD vaping different from regular CBD drops?
People that suffer from acute anxiety attacks should pay attention, because the differences are significant and potentially life-changing for some. Let’s look at the main differences compared to the commonly used tinctures.

Vaping CBD absorbs much faster
The main reason people choose to vape cannabidiol, is the speed at which the substance starts to work. As mentioned, people who suffer from acute panic attacks can greatly benefit from this characteristic. Carrying a CBD vape pen around can be a true lifesaver for this group of people.

The fast absorption is the result of the gaseous form the substances have at the time of consumption. This works a lot faster than the CBD drops liquids, which first need to end up in the stomach and gut before entering the body’s system. The lungs simply are a significantly faster way to the bloodstream (and therefore to our brains).


Vaping CBD absorbs more effectively
Not only will a vape pen end up in the body’s endocannabinoid system more rapidly, it will also absorb the working components more effectively. More of the CBD will actually end up being absorbed by the body, compared to the oils that are also orally taken.

This means it becomes possible to dilute the CBD concentrate into a lighter and more pleasant e-liquid, without giving up much of the overall effectiveness of the product. So if a high CBD dosage has an adverse effect on your body, it’s worth considering making the switch to vapes!

Please note: While the absorption is very effective, it will not last for a very long time. The active substances in CBD vape pens are only effective for a relatively short period of time. After roughly 2 to 3 hours, the effects will already start to wear off and you’ll be ready for your next hit of the good stuff.

Vaping CBD provides more flavor freedom
If you’re someone who detests the flavor of oily droplets, finding an alternative that tastes better can certainly help improve the experience. The vaping scene is well-known for its flavor chasers and impressive range of e-liquid flavorings. The mixes are a true experience in and of itself, which is a characteristic that logically flows over into the magical world of CBD vaping.

While the range of enhanced flavors is still somewhat limited compared to regular vapes, there are some great sweet, sour, or fruity mixes out there that will give you that much-needed hit of cannabidiol, but also a nice flavor experience.
Goodbye to the crappy tasting and sticky oils, hello to the fruity vape clouds of joy and happiness.

Vaping CBD is more discreet & convenient
Most people know the stories of teens sneaking into the toilets for a quick hit of their Juul or vape mods. It’s true that you can easily sneak a vape pen into your pocket and end up taking a few quick hits when you need them. This can be done on a toilet, but you might as well take some hits walking on the streets, right before that presentation outside your university building, or somewhere else where you can find some quick privacy.

Better portability and less clumsiness allows for a better experience on the go. Especially for people that get panic attacks in a public setting, this can be a true lifesaver. The smell of CBD vapes does not linger onto your clothes, inside your mouth, or on your body. This makes it great for daily use, without many people even noticing you used the substance.

Warning: Do *NOT* Vape Regular CBD Drops
On a final note, I’d like to give everyone a very important health warning. It’s very important to NEVER try vaping the concentrated oily drops that most people like to consume. Here are the two ground rules for safe use:
·Ingesting cannabis-related oils through vaping is unsafe: Heating the thicker oil drops is dangerous to your health
·Ingesting e-liquids orally is unsafe: Always heat and vape e-liquid substances before consumption

The reason is simple, both are very different liquid substances. Tinctures (the regular oily substances) will be much more viscous and syrupy. This will not only clog the vape pen, but also make it near impossible for the substance to transform into the gaseous substance vapers know all too well.

So don’t mix the two and don’t try to be experimental with these things, it will only harm your health or that of the people around you. Follow the instructions for the different product categories to the dot. Don’t mix them up. It’s best to store them separated to make sure this won’t ever happen.

That’s all I got for you today. Feel free to join the discussion and share some of your personal experiences regarding vaping CBD in the comment section. Stay safe out there my fellow vapers, and as always, vape on!