7 Easy recipes for making a vape juice?

Consumption of nicotine can be widely seen in this generation. To consume this nicotine, Vape has appeared as an electronic device that looks like a flash drive and can be charged like other electronic devices. It is safe and also produces less smoke while using. Other than that, its vapor volume can be easily adjusted with immediate satisfaction of the craving. Vapes has become popular among the people and acute demand of every other teenage nowadays and that's why they are also available at different price rate. From cheaper to expensive according to people's choice. Further on, it also controls the nicotine intake.

How to make your own e juice? 
What is vape juice? A question often asked these days. It is the fluid that creates the actual vapor and is used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. It can be made of nicotine and can also be nicotine free. E-juice is available in different flavors from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine. With regular vaping, buying different flavors of the juice gets hard and expensive too. For this purpose, we gonna discuss different recipes to make vape juice. Thus it won't be hard now to manage money for different flavors when having the option of homemade E juice.

There we gonna discuss easy recipes to make e juice flavors taste better according to the need.

1 Simple Sugar cookie 
Only two ingredients are required to make the best 12 percent accumulated simple sugar cookie. These two ingredients are Sugar Cookie  and Vanilla Custard. 8 percent of sugar cookie is required to make your vape juice. It has been greatly used in other ingredients to manage and balance the taste and flavor. A small amount of sugar cookie is essential to get the desired results. 4 percent of vanilla custard is there to add creaminess to the cookie. Place this mixture in 0 temperature at a cool place with 70 percent best vegetable glycerine and settle for 6 days to get the perfect steep.

2 Hidden barriers
 Various ingredients have been used to get the perfect hidden berries flavor among other E juice flavors. It adds 7 percent flavor in the vape juice with the combination of cream, barries, muffin, and biscuit. This flavor is a mixture of 1.5 percent biscuit, 2 percent blueberry muffin, 1 percent cream filling, 0.5 percent raspberry and overall 2 percent Razzelbarry to give the finest taste in vape juice. This 7 percent flavor is available in total 3 steep days at room temperature with 0 percent vegetable glycerin used. A hidden barrier is among the favourite of vape juices because it is a mixture of several ingredients.

3 Thai ice cream coconut 
Thai ice cream coconut recipe is favorite among every other vape user. It adds 6.25 percent of the flavor by combination of three perfect ingredients. Caramel, coconut and vanilla bean ice cream. Caramel is widely used all around the world. Not only used in creams, fruits but also in tobacco too. A total of 1.25 percent use of caramel will balance the recipe with a touch of ice cream too. Other than that 1 percent of coconut is required to give perfect density to the juice. It is in between solid and liquid coconut that gives taste of both at the same time. Lastly vanilla bean ice cream will help to add texture in the recipe with 4 percent of its use. Place it at room temperature with 70 percent use of vegetable glycerin and a total of 3 steep days to have perfect taste.

4 Purple cheesecake 
Purple cheesecake is delicious in all other recipes. The total amount of 9.5 percent is required to form the perfect vape juice. Well, now it is quite easy to make your own juice by adding the right proportion in the recipe. This recipe includes a little proportion of all essential ingredients. Such as 1 percent of cheesecake, 1.5 percent of coconut, 0.75 percent coconut candy, 0.5 percent super sweet,0.5 percent sweet cream, 0.25 percent yam, 2 percent yogurt and above all 3 percent cheesecake to enhance its essence. Add 65 percent of best vegetable glycerine and place it at room temperature for 7 days to get the steep of perfect flavoring.

5 Ross reserve clone
Ross reserve clone gives the tastiest juice in vape juices by adding some important ingredients. Make an e juice or e-liquid is not as hard as it seems. Just add right concentrations. To get the right 4.5 percent flavoring of ross reserve clone,  add 0.25 percent biscuit and super sweet with 1 percent Acetyl Pyrazine. Add the mixture in a 1.5 percent mixture of banana cream and milk honey. Combine these flavor and set at room temperature for 3 days to get the nice steep to smoke with a perfect taste you want.

6 Butterbeer 
You want to make homemade e juice but you don't know the recipe then you are at the right place. Butterbeer recipe is among the most used vape juice these days. A total of 14.5 percent of flavoring is required to have that nice vape juice to smoke. This requires a combination of some essential ingredients. These ingredients include 2 percent Butter rum with 0.5 percent super sweet. Now add this in 3 percent combination of each Butterscotch, Butterscotch ripple, cream soda and vanilla whipped cream. Now set these mixed ingredients at room temperature with 70 percent vegetable glycerine. This will take a total of 5 days to have perfect steep

7 The new pistachio RY4-U
The new pistachio is gonna give that royal flavor at home which is not easy to make. But yet we gonna discuss the easiest recipe to prepare this. Make vape juice last longer should not be the goal but the goal is to get the perfect required flavor. Have 15.5 percent of the total flavor of new pistachio by adding 3 percent of Butterscotch ripple, RY4 double and Vanilla swirl each. combine it with 4 percent of sugar cookie, 0.5 percent of sweetener and 2 percent of pistachio.com in them and set at room temperature. Its steep will long last for almost 2 to 3 weeks