When vaping, there are generally two types of costs you have to cover frequently: the vape juice and the coils. Obviously, when you vape, the liquid gets vaporised, and you need to replace it. However, the coils are a different story. While they will deteriorate sooner or later, there are some issues that can occur that can burn out a coil much faster. As you know, burnt out coils are a big no when trying to vape. Not only can they not achieve the same experience as fresh coils, but it can make vaping nothing more than torture, not to mention expensive.

That said, to ensure your coils last as long as possible, here are some of the best practices you need to get used to doing:

1. Prime the Coil before Use
Priming your coils is essential simply because this reduces the risk of vaping from unsaturated cotton, which can damage the coil itself. 

To prime your coils, look for the juice holes on the coil head and carefully saturate those holes with your e-liquid. When that's done, put the coils bank into the tank, and fill the tank with your e-liquid. From there, take four or five dry hits without pressing the firing button. This will help the cotton to become saturated faster and more thoroughly. Once that is over, leave it to sit with the tank filled for around five to thirty minutes. This is important so that all the cotton can further be saturated, ensuring that your first drag isn’t a dry hit.

2. Try and Stick to Low Wattages
One of the fastest ways to burn out a coil is to subject it to incredibly high wattages. Unfortunately, many people love to vape at crazily high wattages, up to 100W or higher. There's not much reason for this, and you can get away with great hits even at 50 to 80 watts. 

If you do occasionally find yourself vaping at incredibly high wattages, tone it down. It may take a little time for you to get used to the new hits, but we promise that you'll enjoy the fact that your juices last longer and your coils don't burn out.

3. Wait a Few Seconds between Hit
If you chain vape often, you're putting a lot of stress on the coils. Remember, it takes time for the juices to resoak into the cotton and longer if the e-liquid is thick. Vaping too often too quickly will put you at risk of dry hits that damage the coils and ruin your vaping experience.

To avoid this issue, don't vape too quickly. Between your drags, take anywhere from three to five seconds pause. This way, the juices have time to soak back into the cotton, ensuring the coils can vaporise the liquid and not burn the cotton.

There are plenty of other tips you can follow to protect your coils from burning out too quickly, such as avoiding pressing the firing button for too long and avoiding taking a drag from an empty tank. Regardless, the tips we've shared above are vital tips that you must follow should you be interested in extending the lifespan of your coils. While they will take some time to get used to, you'll find that your coils last a lot longer than they usually do. In the long run, this leaves you with more money saved, which you can use to gain access to more liquids or anything else!