After getting used to your vape device’s e-juice, you’ll develop a form of resilience to its taste. Eventually, it’ll start to feel bland even after increasing your vaping sessions. Don’t think this is a problem on your end or your vape devices. Instead, you should accept the need to innovate a new flavour profile. Thankfully, there are numerous vape juices you can try.

Switching Your Vape Device’s E-Juice
Vape devices are meant to change and adapt to their user’s preferences. This is why there are numerous vaping mods to customise your current build. It’s a benefit that also taps into the wide selection of e-juices in the market. However, it’s important to make necessary preparations before using a new e-liquid. If you don’t make the switch properly, you’ll end up wasting your first batch by unintentionally mixing flavour profiles.

Before trying a new e-juice flavour, here are three things you should consider:

1. Have a Back-Up
Before you concern yourself with the complicated process of cleaning your vape, the best option may be to keep your e-juices separately. If you have the budget to use multiple vaping devices simultaneously, it’s a better option than devoting your time to swapping flavours on one vape mod. This reduces the risk of contaminating your vape tanks with mixed juices or accidentally losing components of your vaping device during disassembly.

Once you have two separate vaping setups, you should start vaping less with your old vapour to prepare your body for new sensations. Start with setting a ratio of vaping the old flavour in reduced amounts while acquainting yourself with the new e-juice you’ve bought.

2. Match Nicotine Strengths
While it’s tempting to play around with the many different e-juices in the market, you should still pace yourself when making a change. Remember that your body needs to adjust to new flavours in the same way you started with vaping. For example, you need to be particular about the nicotine strength of the e-juice you’ll purchase.

If you’re sensitive to slight adjustments in nicotine purities, you’ll need to match the same nicotine strength of your usual e-liquid. Similarly, you still need to pace yourself if your goal is to move up to more potent e-juices. 

For example, nick salts are significantly stronger than standard freebase nicotine vape juices. You can apply this rule of following the same level of nicotine strength with the kind of flavours you want to taste as well. Sticking to the same brand of products will usually give your body the same effects with just a touch of different notes to engage your palate.

3. Clean Your Vape Coils
Once you’ve decided on the type of e-juice you want to try, you should prep your vaping device by giving it a deep clean. This includes disinfecting the vape tank and getting a fresh new coil. 

While it’s an advanced technique to blend different e-juices for custom vaping experiences, an accidental mixture of e-juices is something you wouldn’t want to taste. Amateur vapers typically underestimate the impact of leftover traces of previous e-liquids in their vaping devices. Unless you want a surprisingly bitter taste of flavours on your first puff, it’s best to clean your vape kit to remove all traces of the previous e-juice.

Switching your vaping liquid is your first step to discovering the numerous flavour options available in the market. You can try various products to refresh your palate, from sweet and tangy fruit-based flavouring to exotic and surprising beverage-based concoctions!